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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 4:52 pm
by faithful friend
:oops: hi i dont know how to begin im 30 female im marride just over a year five years ago i went in to a nut hospital for a year there i had a huge crush on this woman who was marride i sort of loved her ner the time i came out of hospital i went on a blind date with my husband who i have now i didnt tell him my feeling for this woman who is my best mate i just egnored it any way got marride thought we could settle down then my husband kept asking me do i have feelings for her i kept saying no untill now i told him i love my best mate she knew long time ago shes marride so thats that but hes hutting alot and i dont know how to help him im bisexual he wont let me talk or write to her long and wont let me see her on my own hes got bad paronia please help some one dont know what to do maria x