Another depressive..

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Another depressive..

Postby Raven » Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:43 pm

Hi all,

Just feel like I need to vent. Feel incredibly low, have been depressed since about 15/16 (21 now). I am currently seeing a counsellor, have only been twice so time will tell.

I feel bitter and resentful to all my friends, who seemed to have forgotten about me since they all got new lives. I feel insecure in myself, no self-worth, self-esteem, don't feel like doing anything or going out. I just want to curl up and forget myself...which is why I like sleeping so much.

I suppose I could sum it up with one word: hopeless. I want to get out and make new friends, but of course I have zero confidence and am always worrying what others think instead of being myself. I hve a lovely boyfriend who I feel will have enough of my sadness and eventually dump me.

I feel angry and sad about life. I used to have so many ambitions but now I'm just to low to bother with anything.

Please, if anybody has any tips to help me, or any recovered depressives have advice, please help me. Life is a chore at the moment :(
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Re: Another depressive..

Postby Bel Bel » Fri Nov 06, 2009 1:04 pm

Well i think stick with the conselling and she/he will be able to offer you the best help

However your can't be such a horrible person as you have a b/f who finds you attractive and nice.

You must start to realise your own worth. You can never please everybody and people will always have their own agendas. You must start to accept who you are and if others don't like you then they aren't the kind of people you want or need in your life anyway. Learn to be happy with you.

Concentrate on the things you do like about yourself however small. Tell yourself everyday all the good things about you. Add to the list as you discover more

Life is only hopeless when you give up.

Join some clubs or classes to meet friends, take some chances by trying to make friends, try not to get hurt when it doesn't work out. There are 61 million people in this country are you seriously suggesting none of them would wnat to be your friend, it's not likely.

Have you tried being freidns with people on line initailly so you don't have to do it face to face. Be yourself though, don't make up a persona. You will soon soon people will like you for who you are.
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