Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

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Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

Postby Jenny22 » Mon May 31, 2010 3:46 pm

I keep having major crises of confidence. I'm going back to university in September and I'm so worried I won't be able to perform.

I am generally quite a logical person, but its like the logical part of my head and a completely irrational part are fighting each other, and the irrational bit keeps winning and its scarily convincing!

The logical part of me knows I'm good at what I do, I know I'm hard working and a bit of a perfectionist and I know I have some good work in my portfolio, and have had some good feedback from lecturers, and on work placements etc.

But then there is a very strong irrational part of me that think its all just a fluke, if that makes any sense? Like I have achieved what I have achieved by chance and when it comes to it, when start back at uni or if I get a job in the field I won't be able to perform.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has felt like this? And how did you get your confidence back up again? I just don't want this to turn into a self fulfilling prophecy, where I start believing I'm rubbish at things and I can't do it and it affects my work, because it really means so much to me.

Thankyou x
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Re: Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

Postby Bel Bel » Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:58 am

Well I think you should just go and see what happens, once there and you get started on everyhting you may well find you feel fine
IF it doesn't then you can go and see the student counsellor and hoepfully they can give you some useful tips on how to stop this
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Re: Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

Postby singingsmiler » Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:06 pm

Hey Jenny,
we all go through crises of confidence at tines esp when we are about to embark on something new - going back to uni is going to be a change from your status quo at them moment so its bound to bring up these sort of feelings. The thing is worrying is not going to change anything - you have a place and you need to relax. When you get there you will figure out how its all going to work out.

Perfectionists tend to be far too hard on themselves and it sounds like you are doing just that - none of this is chance, you worked hard and have achieved so you should be proud of yourself!
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