High and low

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High and low

Postby natashalisa » Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:55 pm

Hi All

Im hoping someone will be able to help me with this..

Im 27 years old and i really dont know where my life is heading right now. I should be happy with everything I have, Ive got a lovely bf, a decent job and great friends. However Im just not happy.

Im happy with my bf but i keep picking fights with him and pushing him to point where hes become volient, this isnt the first bf thats be like this with me. I see myself as a demanding gf who will moan at everything my bf does and im also jealous of him having any female friends.

Every boyfriend I have had I picked at, caused arguements until we split up and then i regret it and start to panic when they want to leave me.

I feel really insecure with my body and my looks, i wouldnt say I was ugly and i do get alot of attention so i dont understand why i like this.

The other problem is ive cheated on every boyfriend ive had,i seem to enjoy the attention from other blokes and take it future.

I feel like an emotional mess to be honest and one moment im happy and then the next im anrgy, even more so now that since february me and my partner have argued everyday and mostly because i dont listen to anything he says, i talk over him and then push him to the point where he looses it with me.
Right now hes told me he doesnt feel the same about me anymore.
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Re: High and low

Postby captainf » Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:08 am

First of all, no man should be violent to any girlfriend. Thats a problem that you didnt cause. He is a violent man towards you because he doesnt have self control in that respect. Honestly, you dont cause that.

Why do you feel you have a constant need to argue with a partner? What is it about you that wants to push them away? Like, do you do it for a reason because you are scared of them getting close to you? Is there something in your past that prevents you from getting close to a boyfriend?

Also the big concern is your cheating. Why do you to that? This must tie in with your insecurity about your looks. The thing is that cheating on a boyfriend is completely dishonest and shows a lack of loyalty to your partner anyway. I would say that you need to basically stop cheating when you have a boyfriend because it wont make you feel any better and just complicates things further.
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Re: High and low

Postby Bel Bel » Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:15 pm

I personally believe low self esteem leads you to act this way.
You don't believe someone really wants to be with you so subconciously you push them away to see how much they will take. You cheat because you assume you will push them away so you get in first by being the one who has one up on your partner.
I think you need to get some cognitive therapy or counselling as this is your future your destroying and any chance at a decent loving relationship too.
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