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Jealousy At Work

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 2:41 pm
by CenturionV

I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice (or a kick up the butt!).

Basically, at work I worked a certain shift that allowed me to earn a good wage but the hours were poor, I would have to work every weekend as well as nights every other week. At the time I was a good wage, but I was really unhappy in myself, always tired and wanting to move to another type of job altogether. I was missing out on social events quite often too.

A type of project management job came up where I worked and it meant I wouldn’t have to work nights or weekends anymore. It is regarded as a more responsible role but it meant I lost money to go onto the new job because of not working the “premium” hours, but I thought the drop would be worth it for the improvement I would get in my life in general with regular sleep, routines etc. I would still get a decent wage. As it happens it has, I’ve lost weight and I feel a heck of a lot less tired than I used to. I have also been able to get more involved with social events - even this past 2 weekends I have been busy and thoroughly enjoyed myself. If I was in the old job I would have missed both.

However, every time I see my old shift mates I feel extremely jealous, as if I am missing out on something. Especially when I talk to the person who replaced me on my old shift. When I see that person (who is a good friend) I feel like I’ve been stupid coming off that job with such a good wage and have blown the chance and lost all that money. The money I am talking about is about £500 per month, so it is significant. It’s just nagging away at me, I know money isn’t everything but.. you know.

I hope someone can understand what I’m getting at and give me some words of wisdom to stop feeling like this! I’ve got a feeling that as the hatred of the old job has worn off, I’m forgetting how rubbish I felt at that time so I’m just seeing it through rose tinted glasses. I can’t believe I’m getting jealous over money.
Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Jealousy At Work

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:03 am
by Bel Bel
So money - rubbish life

Less money - happy, healthy and enjoying yourself

For some reaon you seem to think money is ore important than being happy and healthy. It's not

Maybe your old work collegaues convince themselves it's worht it and maybe for some it is but this is a no brainer. You couldn't even spend the money enjoying yourself as you were too tired.

Life is always about balance and I think right now you have that balance. You earn ok, you are healthy and happier than you have been for a long time.
What more do you want? Or perhaps you want to be miserable and tired again and missing out - I think not