Where can I get a diagnosis on Aspergers syndrome?

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Where can I get a diagnosis on Aspergers syndrome?

Post by lowopinionated » Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:37 pm

Because my GP wasn't very helpful............

About 2 years ago now, I was a bit annoyed with a few things at work (more or less sorted out now) and after I posted a fair bit of a rant on here, a poster said it sounded like I had Aspergers syndrome.

I looked this up on the net/Wikipedia etc and also did a quick diagnosis test one site. And it sounds like I pretty much have got it, plus I was past the percentage limit on the on line test which says I have it.

Anyway, due to not coping to well with some parts of my work, my then supervisor at work suggested I speak to the Doctor about it and see if he can recommend getting help.

So I made an appointment and tried to explain but I probably didn't know where to start and what I did manage to explain, the Doctor thought I probably didn't really have it, as all people get a bit stressed out and behave irrationally at times with some things and it wasn't unusual. He was polite but probably thought I was wasting my time. I also tried to explain that I'd found out about Aspergers on the net and all the symptoms were just like me, and I just said that loads of unqualifed people give wrong advice out based on what little knowledge they have and there is a lot of rubbish on the internet. I came out the doctors thinking "For goodness sake!! Grrr"!

I think he was talking rubbish frankly, as I've explained a few things to work people and quite a few have been understanding (although my last supervisor, who's now gone on maternity leave was sceptical I think........) but a relative is reading a book on Aspergers and says I definateley display the symptoms.

Trouble is, I've looked on the net for help in the UK, and there just seems to be so called experts who want to charge the earth for diagnosis and what seem like phsyciatric sessions and I think there must be an easier answer than that. I did read recently that one man who was diagnosed with it was able to be registered as (not sure) disabled and get into a guarantee'd workplace "qualification" or something so I don't know how that works.

But I appear normal to most people, drive, hold down a job, can read and have lots of hobbies (one signal of it! LOL) but some things I just get in a muddle with that many people can do. I also have stayed doing the same things for years because I have trouble with change, and when some people (who are a bit too pushy) try to help, they don't quite give me the right advice or really know how to help as they don't understand Aspergers. They suggest things which just make me feel uncomfortable.

I could go on forever with examples, but it's just that I'm concerned that when one of these days, my elderly mother is not around anymore and I need to sort out about selling her house (though this may not be for years yet and sorry if this example sounds silly), an adviser for making wills said today to me, that in any meeting like that about probabe etc, I'd need another adult to help me through the complications as I may go to pieces! Although my brother could help but he used to get impatient with me when were younger!

I feel very confident with some things but haven't got a clue with others and need people to just have a bit of patience with me, but not everyone's going to are they? Cheers anyway.
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Re: Where can I get a diagnosis on Aspergers syndrome?

Post by Bel Bel » Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:58 am

I think it might be worth paying a one time fee to see a psychiatrist. Probably around £150.

Plenty of people live relatively normal lives with Aspergers, as you are now.

I think you should educate yourself. Get some self help books, contact the autistic society and generally find out all the ways to help yourself.

Also you need to be careful not to label yourself. Just because you have some traits doesn't mean you have aspergers. The brain is very complicated and we are all different and it may appear at first that you have some of the symptoms but it doesn't necessarily mean you have aspergers at all.

It's like reading your horoscope. Often people can say they are a typical Capricorn but in reality they are just picking out the bits which seem to match their personality.
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