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Brother not stopping heroin - its tough for everyone

Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:54 pm
by alphamach
Mum, dad and 3 siblings in one house, 2 in their 40's 1 in his 30's (me)

My brother has had a drug habit for a number of years, managed 4 years clean but has been back on it for two.
I cant make it easy for him so do my best to throw any drugs away that I find.
Mum helps him fund his habit though, she is a softie.
I am trying to show tough love, to no avail so far. He was away and drug free for a month. Now he is back he has got back on it.

He doesn't seem motivated to stop right now, still I need to show tough love.
Its tough though. I recommended him going for more help and even hypnosis but he isnt in the right mindset right now.

Its his choice but wish he would take positive steps forwards