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Exams - Important advice for you all!!

PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 2:51 pm
by Littlelovely
Hi all

Thought I would come on and see what problems younger people were having. I'm nearly 26 so school was a few years ago to me. I was a right little tear away, more interested in having a laugh at school and treated it all as a social event. Then my 4th year parents evening came up and the teachers told my mum not to expect much from me, I would be suited to supermarker work. I took no notice and only panicked a few weeks before my GCSE's and tried best to fit it in. Im not stupid, I was in top set for everything til 2nd year, I chose not to learn. I didnt do great at my GCSE's, best mark B in English everything else was D and below.
I sat down after leaving school after a month, went through papers and got my first office job. It didnt pay much but was the experience I needed. I then started working my way through different jobs and making up for things. I am now 26 and work in radio ad sales and designs, for a big radio station. I am more money then all my friends, im on nearly £35000 which is much more than those who went to do A levels, college, Uni etc. I would say to everyone do your best and def do college uni if you want. But if you dont do well its not the end of the world there is hope. Try your best to learn but dont get stressed or you will start to forget what you have revised. You can always work your way up in jobs like I did, and be happy. Good luck everyone x