Hard Time at school

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Hard Time at school

Postby perrin » Wed May 21, 2003 2:17 am

I've recently started in a new school and as its nearly end of term I was having a hard time settling in. Things started getting worse when a bunch of lads started picking on me, trying to start fights and threatening me just cos Im new and it seemed to get worse by the day. I tried ignoring them but last week they were waiting for me after school and I've spent the last few days in hospital with 2 cracked ribs,a broken jaw and 3 broken fingers from the beating. My mum thinks I had a fall off my bike and anyway she's having a hard enough time with her new job. If I complain at school it could make things alot worse. I havent been back to school yet but I really dont know how to face them again.
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Postby plattsy_girl » Tue Jun 24, 2003 7:55 pm

Your problem is getting to serious. There is no way they will dare hurt you again if you tell someone cus its obvious that they would have done it. Eventually they will find something else to do and leave you alone but the only way is to tell an adult, teacher etc.....
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Postby davemcgarry » Sun Jul 13, 2003 9:53 pm

listen mate, I have had the worse life ever, i aint no rude boy or nuttin like that, i jus didnt take sh!t from no one, i learned to stand up on my own two feet. U need to make uself heard, u make sure u tell the police mate, becoz that counts as assult. U tell the teachers and u go to the police, becoz they kno ur to scared to stand up for urself, If u tell the police, there hardly gonna touch u agen, coz if they do, they wud be put away or doing community service, and u wud be protecing not jus urself but other ppl, that proabbly suffer from those c**ts
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Postby kitten » Wed Aug 06, 2003 10:24 am

You need to tell your mum eventually, she can help you out, thats what parents are there for.

Ask her to talk to the teachers for you and try and work something out.

I was bullied at school (mentally not physically though) and we went and sorted things out with the school. BUt I went through years of taking time off pretending to be sick to the extent that my brain thought I was ill and made me so as well. I didn't tell my parents as I didn't think they could do anything.

Well in the end it got too much for me and after countless hospital tests said there was nothing wrong with me except stress I had to admit it. Well it was the best thing I ever did. I was moved into a new tutor group where I made some great life lasting friends and the bullies ignored me once I had found a way to cope.

Don't ever let them get you too down they are probably just jealous of you. Bullies are bullies because they are insecure.

Look after yourself.

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Postby Beckyt » Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:59 pm

Hi what has happened to you is completly unacceptable and disgusting. In fact I'm in tears now reading that you have had to put up with this on your own. Bullying is very very serious and you have got to put you mom's feelings and stresses behind you to tell her the truth she'll thank you for it in the end I promise! She needs to know because if you dont say something they will think they've got away with it and carry on. People's lives are destroyed by bullies. You do need to go to the police as this is assault, well actually it can be classed as Actual Bodily Harm and therefore they will get a much harder sentence. I'd love to come and give em some punishment for what they have done but fighting violence with violence only makes matters worse.
You need to get out of that school and as far away as possible. If you want a professional advice session contact www.there4me.com which is run by the NSPCC and they have online social workers etc trained in counselling that can support you.
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