problems with a tutor!

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problems with a tutor!

Postby FutureGirl92 » Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:47 am

I'm almost finished with my first year at college, and so far I've really enjoyed it. I didn't have very happy school years, so it's been a refreshing change to actually enjoy education! I've made some good friends, like the work I'm doing, and get along with my tutors apart from one.
She just really seems to have a problem with me, for some reason. I'm not a bad student- my attendance is good, I knuckle down and get my work done, and don't cause any problems. However, this particular tutor seems hellbent on making things a bit more difficult for me!
For example, I spent three weeks on work placement, and during that time she requested two tasks from my class, which we had to email her before we returned to college. On our last lesson, she spent over an hour talking about an assignment we'd all passed and finished with, before giving us ten minutes on the two tasks she wanted from us! And her explanation was basically reading the questions out and sending us on our merry way. Anyway, everybody was panicking and bouncing ideas off each other, because she wasn't answering her phone or emails, which is how we'd been told we could contact her if there's any problems. Anyway, I didn't have a clue what to do on these tasks (much like my classmates) so I did my best and emailed it in on the deadline. I went back to college after half term last week, and was given my assignment back. She had written on my amendments sheet "I'm not convinced you really read the questions" and then wrote out the assignment brief for me. If I had understood the assignment brief, then I wouldn't have gotten the questions wrong! So I waited behind with the others after lesson and when it came to my turn I told her: "I don't really understand what you've written. Could you just explain it to me again, please?" My tutor took the assignment from me, read it, then gave it back to me, saying, "Well, just read what I've written and do it again."
My classmates were shocked, because she'd spent 10/15 minutes on everybody else, but gave me all of 10 seconds! This particular tutor isn't anybody's favourite, because she's forever cancelling our lessons and gives very little time on the tasks at hand. This has been going on since September. Just after Christmas, my classmates and I reached the end of our tether, and told our personal tutor that we wanted to issue a formal complaint about her teaching methods, but she talked us out of it. Now I'm thinking of issuing one on my own. I know it's the end of the year, but I can't bear the thought of a repeat performance next year, especially when I'm working towards 2 A-Levels instead of one.
I was late to her lesson once back in September, when I was still getting used to my new timetable. I've done my best and haven't been late since, behaved well in class and tried to make as little fuss as possible, but I just can't keep this up. I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall ](*,)
I'm sorry for ranting. I just really don't know what to do!! Please help x
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Re: problems with a tutor!

Postby dipsydoodlenoodle » Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:15 am

Complain to another tutor about her, it will be better if you do it en mass.

We had a tutor at uni who was useless; we complained en mass to her and to our department. They said they'd had similar complaints in the 3 previous years; when we spoke to the tutor she set up an additional "tutorial" session with us, she assigned us questions and we had to e-mail them to her in advance and only then would she allow us into the additional tutorial. It was because people weren't doing the work they just said they didn't understand it; she made us try the work before helping - which is perfecly understandable. She seemed to like me because when everyone complained en mass she said honestly put your hand up if you have attempted the work - I was the only one who put my hand up. She was against people complaining about her teaching when they hadn't attempted it.

She also attempted to teach us about balance sheets; thankfully the year before I did an accountancy module; she was sitting in front of a class of about 100 people struggling at where the numbers came from; I got so fed up of her not being able to "teach" that I said out you get that number from X, that from Y and do something with them and you come out with Z...once SHE understood that she then taught us it back.

Maybe your tutor is having personal problems, as you said it's only happened since Christmas; she may have been frustrated because no one understood (her fault I know) - you could go and see her one a one to one basis and say I understand this but, but could you explain this further to me. I've done that on numerous occasions and most tutors are just grateful that you've asked. I asked a tutor for help once on about a third of our coursework he went through the answer with me step by step, writing notes for me, then said actually do you just want to photocopy the sheet we've worked through. I did; the workings out and the forumlae were all there - I only had to change the numbers. I was the ONLY one to ask and the ONLY one to actually understand it. I worked through the forumla and workings out and actually understood it afterwards. This is an exception giving me the answer haha. Most tutors go through it step by step with you and help you.

I had a problem with my dissertation tutor at uni; I needed to book appointments to see him TWICE I waited 3 weeks to get an appointment. I was delayed 3 months because of him; I got a couple of weeks extension...I complained to my department - ok one member of my department (my tutor was away) and she said "oh you are having problems, ok, so how is XXX? (XXX is the girl I work with who's future father in law is one of the lecturers - I went with my problem and I'd talk about this girl most of the time). I complained to work (who supply lecturers for the course; also where the father in law works) - work submitted a letter on my behalf saying XXX (also on my uni course) was recieving ample help, however I was not getting any help, I was having limited access and I was having to wait too long for help. They suggested I actually bring my experiment to work so I could spend some time on it every day (I needed access 7 days a week). I got loads of help from work, I was getting so little help from uni that my boss at work read through my dissertation, suggested changes etc - when I got my results they said they were suprised I had done so well on it considering the support uni gave me.

Point is go and see this tutor on a one to one and ask for more help (but attempt it again first) or talk to another tutor and say can they help with the other tutors work, as she is never around and you don't feel she is supportive.
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Re: problems with a tutor!

Postby shorty_0383 » Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:04 pm

We also had a tutor who sounds very similar to yours...she was always off on holidays during term time, never answered her phone or responded via email and generally was nasty towards everyone else! We lasted a term like this and we had one assignment which she critiqued and assessed and gave us all really low marks. We were incredibly fed up and went to the head of dept... it turned out that this tutor had done exactly the same before and was on a final warning...if you and your friends are of the same mind, go to your head of dept and issue a complaint, make it "off the record" to start with and let your head of dept guide you from there. We asked to remain anonymous so that it wouldnt become too much of an issue when it came to marking... and I must say... it worked! :) Its a difficult situation to be in and i do sympathise with you...there is always one!!! Good luck!!! :wink:
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