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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:08 pm
by _han
Basically, I dropped out of school a year early so I left during the beginning of year 11 as I had depression and anxiety. I still carried on with my GCSE's etc and applied for college. However during this year that I had off things actually got worse and I ended up pulling out of college as I didnt think I could cope with it until I was better so I was planning on having a year out so that I could get myself better, maybe get a part time job and go abroad to see family for a bit. Just knowing that I didnt have the stress of school or college made me feel so much happier and that I could finally get myself better. However my GCSE's didnt turn out as well as I'd liked them to be. I got 3'cs, 3'ds and an E. {I also didnt do any of my science exams as I was to ill so they have still got to be done.} This then hit me that none of the things i'd of liked to do this year would happen as I'd have to do re-sits so that I could get into the course I would like to do next year. This then meant i'd have to go back to a sort of school life and redo another year of maths, science and english! :( the thought of it scares me to be honest. I just worry that now I am getting better going back to a school environment again so quickly will just take me back to how I was before. The start of the re-sits actually start next week! So its not like I have some time to really think about things or start getting myself better. I basically have two choices, a college which is a sixth form so I would have to go there in the morning have maths, english, science lessons and an added buisness class and be home for normal end of school time. Or, I'd have to go to an adult college and do them there but I would then be the only person there my age and I dont know if I would learn anything as adults know a lot more and I was always in bottom set maths at school. I then thought about it and realised yesterday that I had made a big mistake pulling out of the course I wanted to do at college as I am now getting better and think it would do me good to carry on with the thing I love {art+design course} and it would also mean I wouldnt be stuck on at college another year if I did it this year. I just feel really frustrated and I have to decide where I am going by the end of the weekend! I would love to do this college course {art+design} now this year but it starts next week and I think it'll be to late to apply. I also only have 3'c GCSE's but you need 4 to get onto the course but apparently aslong as you have the right attitude to learning and know what you want out of the course they dont mind about the grades. I feel like I have ruined my future already! has anyone else managed to get on a college course last minute? and what do you reckon is the best thing to do? thanks x


PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:59 am
by dipsydoodlenoodle
As for doing your maths, english and science I would go to the adults class; yes adults might know so much more HOWEVER...they are all there because they don't know about the subject. I would think you would know more than adults as if you don't use it you loose it; I mean how many adults do differentiation and integration as part of real life; you will have just done it so you can maybe teach them a thing or two. I remember when I did my English GCSE; the government brought a law in which stated that all teachers needed at least a C grade in maths and english; one of the business studies teachers re-did her exams with us; it didn't make her any less an intelligent teacher. I did psychology GCSE as a night class and everyone on the course was older; age doesn't matter in the end.

As for could always give them a call and see; if you have the right attitude as you say then they will accept you; a lot of people don't necessarily do well in everything; I mean I was rubbish at art; I admire people who are really good at it; just as I am sure that you will admire people who are better academically. Just try and prove to the college how good you are and how up for the course you are...if they won't let you apply this year; then do your maths, english and isn't the end of the world.


PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:19 am
by Bel Bel
taking one year longer to achieve what you want really isn't the end of the world
Those adults are at college to learn the same as you , don't assume becasue someone is older they know more than you. They may have some severes problems that stopped them learning when they were younger and they have taken longer than you to realise they wish they hadn't come out of school.
Approach the college but don't worry if it doesn't work out
At least you do have options.If socialisinf with perople you own age is an important factor go to college. Tjis year round you want to do it so that will help make it easier than going every day and not wanting it
Hope it all works out - let us know