In year 10 and he has no coursework

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Postby Daftness2k3 » Sun Jan 30, 2005 2:35 am

He needs to snap out of Year 9 mode and get into Year 10 mode. Some pupils find it hard to make the transition.

As for Year 9 being serious, generally it is because it's the indicator year for many pupils.
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Postby madcow » Sun Jan 30, 2005 11:25 am

Hey im in year 10, and if you have read some of my posts youll know that i am totally stressed out with all the work, un-necessarily so. I know the reason I am working so hard is because im not that naturally intelligent so i want to do well in the corswork and bag as many of the marks before i walk into the exam where i will fail because i am awful in these exam situtations. You say your brother is intelligent, and im not saying that this means he doesnt have to work- but there is less pressure on him to do well now. Your brother sounds like so many of the people in my year. Youngest child, naive, and because he is the youngest your parents want him to stay sweet and innocent forever. And its such a shame because if he is very clever he is just going to screw his life up. he cant go on forever missing lots of school, not doing work. When he gets a job is he going to take loads of days off and not finish tasks? Because if you do that then you get sacked and maybe you should point out these harsh but obvious factors to your brother. Its year 10, the pressure is on. There isnt anytime for flaking around.
Talk to your brother, tell him what happened to you. Show him that you dont want that to happen to him and also if he leaves all his corsework till the last minute he will be stuck with a bunch of work to do in year 11 when he shoudnt be worrying about that but revising. In alot of subjects if you get full marks in your corsework you can walk into your exam with a D, walking into an exam hall with a D under your belt already must be a really good feeling. goodluck x
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Postby Rock_Queen » Sun Jan 30, 2005 1:22 pm

i'm in year 10 and my mum has been to the teachers about me not getting any coursework, only to find out i do get it but i never complete it, it's either way over my head or there is so much i don't know where to start and end up putting it off until it is too late.....but he would be in year 11 now right? or left school i dunno :-?
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Postby BlueRayman » Fri Feb 04, 2005 10:56 am

Bribe him! This nothnig wrong with bribing him for his own good. Tell him if he gets it finished say a week before its due in you'll let him hang out ithe your hot friends when they come over to watch a film, something like that.

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Postby pretty_in_pink » Tue Feb 08, 2005 5:28 pm

im doing my gcses now, im currently in year 11 but i didn't really get that much coursewor4k in year 10.
it depends on his subjects, teachers, exam boards and schools.
Hes probably hanging out with his mates coz they are all at the same level and stuff as him and feels that they understand him best (eventhough they may not). I don't think itis reallly that much to worry abou, but if you just talk to him, chatty like, im sure it'll be fine.

duno if thats n e help but hey! :D
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