is the stress normal

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is the stress normal

Postby daveshow » Sat Feb 28, 2004 12:14 pm

hey everyone ill keep this short

I was at my grans last night and i jsut broke down in tears because of all the stuff i have to do for school we were just talking about it then i realised i have 4 essays to do for friday a design brief for craft and design and other homework. is it normal to have this stress i am just going into overload because i cant get the brief and essays done when i have other homework and its gettihng me down because i need to do the essays and would like to miss the hoework but i cant or ill just get extra has anyone else felt like this or is it just me?
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Postby Llisa » Sat Feb 28, 2004 9:44 pm

All I can say is...just wait until you get to college. Highschool is like the training session for college..if you can't deal with the workload in highschool, then good luck for college. It's normal to be stressed, but its not going to get any better unless you do something about it. Procrastination is a huge no-no. Going out and having fun when you have work to do is another big no-no. Watch what you're doing with your time, and make sure you use it wisely to reduce the stress
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Postby worstfriend » Mon Mar 01, 2004 4:56 pm

Actually i was just the same Daveshow. I went into my Standard Grade Year (i was 15, i'm in Scotland so we do standard grades instead of GCSE's and Highers instead of A levels) and i was a bit snowed under by the workload. Despite what Llisa said i did find it got easier, not becuse there is less work, but because you learn how to prioritise your work better and how to cope under pressure. I finished my MA last year on a 2:1, so believe me, you get better at it.

First thing to do is to make up a chart or use a calender to note down every piece of work you have to do. Every time you get an essay, assignment or piece of homework, note it down, even if it's due in the next day. Then figure out which things are most time consuming and most important. I always left Craft and Design (i got an A at Higher) and Art (i got the 2nd best Higher in Scotland in my year!) until last because i loved them so much, i would always get more enthusiasm up at the thought of doing them. I always did Maths first (i got a C at Higher, which is a pass, but only just) because i'm frankly rubbish at it, and it took the most effort.

Next colour-code your subjects (Maths was RED for me!) and then get to work setting up a timetable. Set aside a certain amount of time each week for each subject. For instance:

Maths 1 hour
English 1/2 an hour
Craft and Design 1/2 an hour

English 1 hour
History 1/2 an hour
Art 1/2 an hour

French 1 hour
Economics 1/2 and hour
Craft & Design 1/2 an hour


I always ended with art or craft and design as they were my favourite subjects and i liked to finish on a good note. Find out about assignments and deadlines as soon as possible. Most teachers will tell you what you'll have to do a whole year in advance if you ask them. If you've set aside and hour for a subject you don't happen to have any coursework or homework for it that week, then REVISE it for that hour. Make yourself a proper timetable and reward yourself for every week you stick to it (with cinema, chocolate, tennis, whatever you like doing).

If you work or get pocket-money or an allowance then you can use it as an incentive. Divide the cash you get each week into 7 (so you know how much it is each day) and for every day you miss your schedule, put it away in a jar you can't get into (mine was glued and taped shut), give it to charity, or put it into a savings account. That way, you'll be paying yourself to work harder, and punishing yourself if you slack off.

Lastly, remember that no matter how many timetables, rotas and strategies people tell you about, YOU HAVE TO WORK. You can ask us for advice until you're blue in the face, but it won't get those essays written! Once you really knuckle down and get working it does get easier. And once you start working every day on your different subjects your understanding grows massively, and the more you understand about each subject, the easier the work is going to seem.

Good Luck.

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Postby smile » Mon Mar 01, 2004 5:43 pm

I might use some of those strategies worstfriend as I'm also feeling a bit snowed under with it all. Thanks. :)
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Postby daveshow » Mon Mar 01, 2004 6:13 pm

ill try them to thanks for replying
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