High school friend is getting charged with assault!

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High school friend is getting charged with assault!

Postby Kyle » Fri Mar 26, 2004 1:01 pm

It's not really a problem but i just want to say that our 'mate' from Leisure and tourism, called Holli, had a mint fight and she leathered the other girl. She's 15 and goes to high school and she's getting charged with assault!!!!!!!! To be fair, the other girl is but that's not the point.
She stormed into our english class, this girl called Deiana, and started saying to Holli, D'YOU WANNA FIGHT? Holli didn't respond but then Holli got wound up and Just completely beat her!!!!!!

Do you think that she should could get done for assault??
it's only a school fight.

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Postby Flutegirl » Fri Mar 26, 2004 2:15 pm

She's young and there is the little matter of the fact that she was provoked and there are witnesses who can back that up.

She could probably get away with a caution or a formal warning at worst but it's unlikely to go much further than that. She needs to get the other girl sorted out properly in a way that doesn't involve fighting with anyone. Like, speaking to someone in authority?
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Postby saz » Fri Mar 26, 2004 4:49 pm

It is a shame when not all your friends can get along and i am sure that both of them regret what has happened. It does take quite a lot of strength to not let someone wind you up and the best way to react is walk away, but this doesn't always happen. She might have had a really bad day or have been very wound up, but really there isn't much you can do about this apart from support your friend, as it was their actions and if there are consequences they are for them to deal with.

If the girl involved, her parents or the college/school think it is serious enough to press charges then it will be up to the police to decide what action to take. When people are upset they can say things they dont mean but if she hurt this girl badly then perhaps she would benefit from getting some help with her temper and anger. In the long run it would help her learn to keep her cool under pressure because in this life there are many situations which really get on your nerves, and reacting violently isn't the answer. It doesn't get you anywhere apart from trouble.

It isn't nice to witness a fight or have a friend in a fight so i hope you are ok with what has happened. As i said, just support your friend through whatever happens and perhaps in future it would be better to walk away from conflict.

Good luck
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