Severe Stress

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Severe Stress

Postby BlackPeegley » Mon Feb 28, 2005 2:48 am

ok, I realise that being nearing the end of year 11 there is bound to be a lot of stress. But my stress is abnormally high for someone my age. I'm supposed to be an A grade student but every tiny thing gets me panicing. So when it comes to exams, I just don't function. Just before christmas I was due to sick my mock GCSEs, I just gradually broke down.
all the muscles in my body tensed up and i was in agony and tears for hours, it was so bad that I was taken into hospital under the suspision of having meningitis. I had various tests and it was determined that it was all due to stress... I just can't handle it, I think that people have certain expectations of me, and i never think i can reach them no matter how hard i work, so i have many sleepless nights studying to try and be what i believe people want me to be.
Right now i am sat here in tears, i have a "no exceptions" coursework deadline for this week and i spent hours handwriting 9 pages. (i wasn't allowed to use the computer) my cat knocked tea over the entire thing and the writing just merged together. It was so difficult to do in the first place now i have to start from scratch and i can't handle the stress, i don't know where to start and i don't know what to write, right now i just want to die.
I don't know why i'm posting on here, i just need to vent
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Postby Laurajane » Mon Feb 28, 2005 2:30 pm

hey... your posting on here because you've reached the end of your tether and that's understandle, the pressure you are feeling is bound to come to a head and you cannot carry on the way you are doing.

I can imagine that the cat knocking the drink over was probably the icing on the cake, i know myself the times i've wanted to crawl under a stone and not come back out.

firstly i know you what your going through i've experienced it myself and always was thinking 'its not good enough,' and 'i can do better' but at the end of the day you are doing your best and people whoever it is, teachers, family etc don't expect more than this, i bet they are very proud of you whatever?

I think you really need to talk this over with someone you can talk to, you sound really distressed and being like that won't help you to do the work it justs adds more pressure.

Secondly, you are young and as harsh as it sounds your happiness comes before killing yourself to get your work done, so i think you need to try and relax. Do you do any activities, anything to de-stress as i think this would help you a lot, try taking some time out of your day for 'me-time' when your not doing anything, maybe go for a walk or listen to some music to chill out and calm down, refocus then get back to it.

i think that being so conscientious you put too much pressure on yourself so please talk to someone about it
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Postby arwen » Mon Feb 28, 2005 2:46 pm

Hi hun! I really feel for you at the moment, GCSEs are the most stressful thing I think I've ever done (and that includes 4 house moves in the last 18 months!!)
The first thing to remember is you are not alone. Everyone is going through the same thing and taking the same exam paper. It's not just you feeling like this.
The night before my first GCSE mock (maths - not my best subject) my nan died suddenly. I was ripped apart because she was my closest family member and I just thought to myself "I can't do this". Somehow I got tearfully through the exam and managed a B.

You just need to get things in perspective. Yes, GCSEs are very important but you've said yourself you're already an A student!
When your nerves are constantly on edge it only takes some little thing to tip you over, like the cat spilling tea onto your work!

I would advise that you set yourself a realistic revision timetable. Don't do what my sister did and chain yourself to your desk until 4am every morning and turn yourself into a nervous wreck. It won't help.
Include leisure time in your revision planner and make sure you spend enough time doing something you enjoy, or just chilling.

A well-organised study area is a huge help too, an uncluttered, well-lit desk with some soft music in the background if it helps.

At the end of the day hun, if you have been getting straight A's then you know enough already to get brilliant GCSE grades - it's already in your head! Revision is just for polishing and to get everything straight in your mind.

Make some time for yourself and keep your targets realistic. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, AT LEAST 8 hours a night. You are going to be just fine, your grades will be fantastic and trust me, when the exams are over you will feel brilliant!

Don't stress - you can only do what you can do!
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Postby smile » Mon Feb 28, 2005 2:47 pm

Hey hun,

I used to feel like you do at times. The GCSEs are hyped up so much and they really get so many people upset and stressed.

I completely understand where you're coming from though, I was also expected to get good marks and was worrying about the same things beforehand. However they're really not worth stressing over. If I were you I'd have a talk to your parents and explain that you are really worried that you're not going to live upto their expectations and I'm sure they'll tell you that however you do, they'll be proud parents. As long as you do your best you will be fine.

GCSEs are important yes, but they are not so important that they should make you ill worrying about them before hand. At the end of the day GCSEs aren't everything, you can still enrol on decent courses at college without GCSEs, you can still get a job.

You know that by worrying about them this much it's going to affect your performance in the final exams so you need to take a step back from them and do something else for a while.

As for the coursework due in next week, you did it once so it means you can do it again! I know it's a pain redoing work but atleast next week you'll be able to relax knowing that you have handed the work in on time.

I think the main thing to focus on is how you'll feel after the GCSEs. They're not as bad as you think and as long as you revise well before you'll be fine.

Always here if you need a chat, take care.

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Postby captainf » Mon Feb 28, 2005 3:12 pm

Hey hun,

I know you mentioned about your cat and your course work but I didn't know you had been feeling unwell too!

What you may need to try and do is take some time out. You may feel better if you have some sort of 'distraction' Do you have any sort of hobbies that you can go and do when you are feeling stressed. When I lived in London I went to plane spot all the time to avoid becoming too stressed. Doing that inspired me to do well, and i'm sure that you can find something that will inspire you and keep you going through this hard time.

How are things with you and your mother now? I know things are usually rocky between you and your mums b/f, so I doubt he will be much help, but have you spoken to your mum about any of this at all? I am quite sure that if she knew how you was feeling she would be very happy to offer you her support and understand how stressed that you are.

Also, I think I recall you once telling me that your teachers give you extra work because you are ahead of the class? Is this still the case? If so, maybe you should ask your teachers not to pile on the extra work as you are finding it particularly stressful. Keeping good communication with your teachers is important because when they know how you feel, it enables them to addapt to your way of learning and also help you to get things done on time.

You may also want to try getting some early nights. Staying up late, or studying until late at night is a very bad thing to do! Lacking in sleep will cause alot of problems as you will find it harder to work in class, your reactions will also be alot slower and therefore you will have a slower than normal work rate.

You need to relax abit! Try spending more time with friends, or doing your favourite hobby. Everyone needs time away from 'work' The quicker you learn how to relax the better you will feel overall.

You can and will be a success! Don't become what people want you to be, become exactly who and what you want! This is your life, and you will be successful.
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Postby brfc » Wed Mar 09, 2005 1:28 pm

you need a balance of school life and time for yourself. you will get totally stressed if its just school on your mind 24/7 take some time out to just relax a bit then do your course work in easy steps. things will seem better if you have a balance
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i no how u feel

Postby babby_shrek » Mon May 16, 2005 4:38 pm

Hi, I'm in your year as well and my orals are this week. seriously, i really really know how you feel. All my target grades are like a's or a*'s and I get so stressed about some of my subjects because of the coursework, I ad a nervous breakdown. I think you have to look at it subjectively and see that yes, gcses are important but they're not the end of the world.

All one can do is try their best and that's it. You sound like a really clever girl and all you need to do is focus your revision and be happy. Everytime you're feeling a bit stressed try and deep breathe for a few moments and close your eyes and imagine you're some place else. That's what I do and it usually works. hope you'll be ok, good luck - we're both in this together! xxx

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