career in hairdressing?

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career in hairdressing?

Postby f1fran05 » Mon Jul 25, 2005 10:32 am


Im still at school and i am taking my GCSE's next year, I am thinking about wot to do when i am older.

I recently had an appointment with my careers adviser and i said that i wanted to go to uni etc. HOWEVER, i have since changed my mind - i am fed up with school - and i have decided that i would like to learn a skill - hairdressing.

I was looking at courses but i am confused - do i take NVQ 1,2, or 3? (my target grades are all B's and 1 c and 2 A's)

And what is college like? Would i get a job and attened for like 2 days or is it full-time?

After i complete the course can i go and get a job in a salon or do i take further courses?

I am so confused, i would be grateful if any1 could help.

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Postby saz » Mon Jul 25, 2005 3:26 pm

Hiya, i dont have any real practical hairdressing advice, but i would say that maybe your best option would be to - 1. contact the college and find out, attend any open days and maybe even talk to a tutor, 2. perhaps go and talk to someone in a salon or get talking to people you know who have taken the same route and they can give you advice.

Most hairdresses get a job as a junior, train and work their way up as they train, attending day release study. You also should take into account the downsides of this profession - low pay at least while you training, long hours and still studying and also finding a salon/business that you like working in, with opportunities to move upwards, or onwards. It is hard practical work.

You have so many options available to you, especially with really good grades that i would say dont make any firm decisions, see how you feel after your GCSE's, as once the pressure of them has gone you may feel completely different.

I didn't enjoy school much in the last year or so, and was determined to leave and get a job. I didnt want to go to uni. So i got a job working when i was about 15 (in a bakers on a saturday) and by the time i took GCSE's i wasn't so bothered about leaving, and i actually stayed on in the 6th form and did Admin NVQ and really liked it! Dont put all your eggs in one basket and nothing says you have to decide NOW.
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Postby brielle » Mon Jul 25, 2005 8:26 pm

Hiya, the hardressing course is a full time course, for 2-3 years, and as Ive had experience working a long side the college hardressing course whilst in college myself, what everyone seems to do is start of at grade 1,(basically means the first year on your course) then the second year you work up to NVQ 2 and so on.

I must say that seeing the college life of the hardressers practising, I would say you will love it, most of them seemed to be so devoted to it, and also there is a fair amount of studying, written work etc as well to learn, you know all the dyes used, scalp complaints etc, its quite an in depth training.

I think there are day release courses also, if you find a hairdresser that is willing to do this, but it may take longer, :(

At the end of the course your tutors will help you to get a job placement, as they have loads of contacts, so you will probably leave knowing that there is a job waiting for you, :D
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Postby luvva » Mon Jul 25, 2005 11:14 pm

Not too sure about all of the details, but I know my cousin did an apprenticeship kind of thing, so she worked in a salon for most of the time and she just went to college for one day a week.

She's still there now and is in a higher position, but for the first few weeks she was only doing little things. She had to watch, clean up, get things for the other hairdressers, but after awhile she began to do more proper things and really enjoys it now.
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