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Postby MikeO » Fri Feb 03, 2006 6:27 pm

My parents have decided to look into this and have tasked me with finding information for them.

The reason why I don't want to be taught at school is quite apparant; it doesn't mean anything to me. This means that for the past few years, I have been bored for six hours a day, 5 hours a week. I'm also what one would call a lonely child, which has complicated school even further recently, leading to me becoming almost school phobic and taking time off without any medical reason.

I just can't learn in that environment and I don't think the education system is teaching me in a valuable way. For example, I am frequently ignored and left by teachers to fail in areas that I do not know about.

I'm 14, and nearly half way through my GCSEs subject, which I don't really want to do because it's too disconnected from my real life.

So, I'm really asking for information on home school, faqs and how tos, and also whether it's required that I do GCSE, etc at home?
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Postby Angela.1 » Fri Feb 03, 2006 8:56 pm

Hi Mike0,
Before I start, I can't really help with the whole home'schooling thing but I would like to ask at what age and what caused you to decide that school wasn't for you.
My younger brother was badly bullied at school and it took my parents three attempts to find a suitable replacement school for him.
Although everything turned out alright in the end, I often wonder if it would have been better for him to be taught at home.
To get more info on home-schooling and what's expected of you, I would contact the National Standards Care Commission or the Ofsted Education department, rather than the Board of Education.
However, I have a funny feeling that you do still have to take your GCSE's as, although they may appear to have no relevance to you at the moment, they really come in handy in the future when it comes time for you to choose a career path.
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Postby Joe » Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:06 am

Hi Mike0, I must say your situation sounds very similar to how mine was. My school life - and therefore home life - was a misery, I hated going to school and I too was taking time off for no medical reason (not 'mitching' in the sense that I coudn't be bothered - I just dreaded it completely). I hated the environment.

Anyway, from year 7 I wanted home tuition, but both my parents, school, education welfare officer etc. said no, I couldn't have it. After the year 9 xmas hols I think I had pretty much stopped going altogether, and I ended up going to what I can best describe as a day unit for people who had issues in school (that may sound a bit dodgy, but I was there for 18 months and it was actually the best 18 months of my school life).

While I was there, it was decided that I would basically 'pick a subject' and start going back each week for that lesson only, the plan being that I would gradually build up the time I spent there. I left the unit at the begining of Year 11, and unfortunately it all went wrong and pretty much dropped out altogether before christmas. Anyway it was arranged that I would have home tuition for my GCSEs, in Maths, English and Business Studies (the subject I chose to go back to in school). It was very useful for me, although I missed a lot of coursework so my grade suffered (bear in mind that my home tuition was to prepare me for the basics, i.e. exam preperation. I'm sure yours would be a lot more thorough.

Anyway I don't know if thats helped you at all, I just thought I'd relay my own experience really. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!
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Postby iluvdestinyschild » Wed Mar 15, 2006 7:00 pm

Hey Mike0,
Same here, I'm also gettin home schooled soon because I've badly missed home for years(yes I know it sounds stupid!) but thats been ho I've always been now but finally after 9 years since I've started primary school my parents have EVENTUALLY agreed to let me be home schooled.
Anyway, try looking on a website or somethin, it's worth a try!
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