messed up as levels.

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messed up as levels.

Postby sumwhereonlyweknow » Tue Jun 20, 2006 4:57 pm

sorry. this is long. but cd really do with help. basically ive always been clever. but have never rele tried too hard. i got 9 A-C grades at gcse (cd of done alot better if id revised more insted of spending too much time with my girlfriend at the time.). in september i started college doing Maths, Psychology, Business and ICT, but i didnt know any one in any of my lessons. i made friends with people in my maths, psychology and business lessons. but in ICT i didnt know anybody and just sat at a computer on my own for an hour and a half doing the work that was set. also i hated my tutor group and my tutor himself and really did not like sitting through an hour and a half with the ppl in that lesson. i started missing the odd lesson and i started taking whole days off for the stupidest reasons. id often pretend to b ill and i took so many days off. eventually it was noticed by my unsympathetic tutor who decided to put me on contract, which ment the college wd b keeping a very close eye on my attendance. so i started going to all of my lessons but because id missed so many lessons of ICT and tutor sessions everyone in the classes all had their groups of friends and i felt even more stupid cus i was just sat in there on my own waiting for the lesson to end. i was desperate just to have a whole day to myself so one day i phoned up the college to say i was ill. (everyone else was out) and i spent the whole day listening to music and i did a painting and stuff and i liked the day so much i started taking more off. and my attendance started slipping agen and then my tutor phoned my parents to say that i had been not attending college again and that i needed to have a meeting with him and one of the important ppl in the college to decide if i wd be allowed to stay. my mum told me about the phonecall and i burst into tears. i didnt want to go to a meeting at 8 o clock in the morning to try and persuade some grumpy men that i deserved another chance to stay in a college where i didnt want to be. i told my mum how i hated college and everything about it and for the first time she didnt seem angry that id been missing it. she asked me wot i wanted to do and i sed i wanted to go 2 my old schools 6th form. it was sumthing id been thinking about neway because i knew loads of friends there and i knew the teachers. they agreed to have me but i wd have to do my exams at the other college still because they were on different exam boards. i agreed and started back at my old school in a weeks time. id missed so much stuff i shd of been learning but was confident i could work hard and still pass all four. i quickly gave up on the idea i could pass ICT because i had not completed ne of the coursework and i found out that the exam was based on a case study which i did not have. basically in school i did next to nothing because the school is more like a social club than a school but i carried on working on business and psychology wen i got home if i wasnt going out. they were subjects i like so i didnt mind teaching myself them. but it is a lot harder trying to teach urself maths and i was not having lessons in bris 6th form because the teacher had taken maternity leave as she was pregnant. i did not tell ne1 i was concerned about the lack of work i was doing as i was just pleased to b away from st brendans and with all my friends playing football, it was the happiest id been for a long time. but then the exams came round and i was majorly unprepared for my maths exam and the 1st paper i answered the questions i knew how to but the 2nd paper (C2) i hadnt even been taught and gave up within seconds of reading the questions. i think i did ok in psychology and business and i didnt even have the ICT exam. so basically ive only passed business studies and psychology. but i want a good job, i want to go to university. i cant do that if i have to A levels? i dont no wot to do next year. i dont think staying at 6th form wd b a good idea. i was thinking maybe retake the whole year at sumwhere completely different. or maybe just doing psychology and business A level sumwhere different. i really dont no. and i dont know wot job i want to do. but i was hoping to go to university which looks unlikely now unless i retake the whole year but then i wd b with ppl a year younger and i may find myself not liking nebody again and waeuisfebgseg i dont no wot to do!!?!? is there such thing as an AS and A2 combined course i cd do in one year. so i cd do that aswell as psychology and business? thus giving me 3 a levels??? does thast exist? please give me help and advice. i live in bristol if that helps!? please help i rele dont no wot to do
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Postby misskrystal » Tue Jun 20, 2006 10:43 pm

I felt the same when I started uni. I hated the course and the university, but I was scared to leave. In the end, I did quit and went back to college for a year. I'm now at a different university, doing a different course, which I love and I'm far happier than before.

If you're unhappy, you should do whatever it takes to make things better. Maybe even consider a different type of course (a vocational qualification like an NVQ).
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Postby Rogue » Fri Jun 23, 2006 7:30 pm

Don't panic. A levels are not the be all and end all of everything, no matter how much schools try to scare you about them. You have two obvious options that will get you into Uni.
1) go with your plan and do a couple more A-levels. I think there are places where you can do one in a year, but they're not much fun. I tried doing that when I did a similar thing to you in my A-levels, and it was really tough as you have to do the 2nd year stuff before you've covered it in your 1st sessions :( .

But, there is secret option number 2:

Open University - level 1 course. No entry requirements, takes 1 year to do, gives you 60 credits that you can then transfer to a brick uni should you so wish. Universities will be less concerned about your A level results if you've demonstrated you can cope at degree level. Has the bonus that you can do a day job and build up some drinking money for uni too :D.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
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Postby phoebe » Sun Jun 25, 2006 1:09 am

Hi mate, I did the same as you. I completely messed up college - i just didnt attend and made myself feel so ill with worry about it. I wasted my chances and had to go back and do it all again. I still all these years later cant beleieve it but I managed to mess it all up again. I was just so stupid and lazy. I stayed in bed and watched Trisha like I didn't have a care in the world. I just didn't know how to tell my mum.
I'm 25 now and after a long line of crappy jobs I have finally worked my way up the ladder within my work and am sort of doing ok, but nothing compared to the job I could have had. If you do go back , please stick at it. Do it for me! lol Good luck
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Postby kacie » Thu Nov 16, 2006 2:56 pm

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Postby crazy_in_love » Thu Nov 23, 2006 10:03 pm

hey, i did the same thing, but the other ay round, I did great on my AS Levels and not so well for A Level!
In the end I didnt get the grades to do the course at uni that i wanted and because I didnt know what else to do i accepted the course. I hated it! I quit and now I am back at college doing an access course so that I can get onto the course at uni that i originally wanted to do. My other option was to do A Levela again but I couldnt bare the thought, I really struggled with A Levels but find my course (which is degree level) really easy.

If you can figure out what you want to do, then maybe you can look at courses that you can do on that subject that will enable you to go to uni e.g. I am currently doing a foundation degree in law It is not a full degree, but once I do it I can go onto uni to make it a full degree. That is instead of doing A Levels again and doing that route.

Also BTEC, HND, 1st Diplomas are all different types of qualifications that you can get to get into uni, so consider them too. I know you arent ready for uni yet but if you go onto (University and Colleges Admissions Sevice) here you can search all university and college courses (higher education only) and you can see what sort of qualifications and grades are required for you to be able to do them. It may help. good luck
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Postby PoisonedWounds » Tue Nov 28, 2006 2:35 am

I have 2 a levels (not inc general studies) and an as level and I got into uni :)

look for places which ask for ucas points and if you're doing general studies look for those uni's which accept it!
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