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feeling down

Postby will1066 » Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:58 am

well i have been feeling really low for ages, remember posting on here a while ago cos i was feeling super crappy and i remember people talking to me and helping out which was nice

but, nearly a year on i feel the same i did back then, im 18, only kissed a couple of girls and my mates make me feel like rubbish about it as they talk about sex they have all the time which just makes me feel so stupid, the past few weeks ive been out about 5 times, each time i have left alone and without getting with anyone whereas my mates would have probably pulled about 20 girls a night between them, this happened earlier tonight with me feeling stupid and a 14 yr old taking the mick out of me for been a virgin #-o great! when i was 14 i hadnt even kissed a girl

not really sure how to go about it, i was told years ago on a different site to give it time and i would meet people over time, even 2 years at college and i find myself alone in the library most lunchtimes feeling lonely watchin guys with girls etc that doesnt really help,lol, but still i do it even tho i know it gets me more upset... any help would be appreciated even though im sure there nothing i can do i wouldnt mind been cheering up as its quite upsetting either way even though i tend not to let things get to me, cheers guys and hope i didnt bore u all
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Postby Brighter » Thu Dec 28, 2006 5:33 pm

If your friends are making you feel so bad about things, ask them for help.
Ask them to help you find a nice girl you can have a relationship with?
If they just make you feel bad, why don't you find some new friends, or tell them to shut up everytime they try and show off about it. Stand up for yourself!

You will meet new people all the time.
Do you work, because you could meet girls through working!
I'm sure you're not completely useless at chatting to girls :)

Brighter xx
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