Stupid Rumours! (Huge Rant)

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Stupid Rumours! (Huge Rant)

Postby PurePurple » Sat Jun 09, 2007 10:07 pm

Well Basically, Im hated because of something that didn't happen.

My friend, Lets called her A, was having abuse thrown at her in bulletins on myspace. She was said to have "Tree trunk legs" And should "Go and die"

Anyway, A told me that J (The Abuse Thrower) made herself sick - So I thought, Right.. revenge #-o , So I posted back "If she has tree trunk legs, How the [Swear Word] does she fit into jeans? And it's not clever sticking your fingers down your throat is it?"

So anyway J told her sister - who then accused me of calling J Balemic! (Another version of anorexia) J's sister then told me I should have nothing at all to do with A and J's argument - Even though A told me what happened, and had the choice not to.

So anyway, J And J's sister told ALL their friends, That I called her balemic.. And whenever J's friends are behind me.. or walk past me, They say "Did you know J is balemic" Or "J are you balemic?"

They do the same to A aswell..

But, That's not it. I was on MSN and I don't know if you know but theres a virus going round where it automatically sends people a link and says "Are these your photos?" Well J's sister's boyfriend's MSN name said "Tell me if i'm sending links.. PLEASE" It just so happened, He sent me one yesterday but not today.. So I told him that and he said "I'm not talking to you" But his MSN name was clearly aimed at everyone.

I know I shouldn't have said that on the bulletin - But I hate it when people make my friends upset. They have no proof, I said it, And I have no proof that I didn't say it - But I know what I said, and the past can't be changed.

Sorry for the length
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Postby Brighter » Sun Jun 10, 2007 1:08 am

Wow this is tough!

I know your intentions were good, and it was incredibly good of you to stand up for your friend, but somethings are just better left unsaid, especially when they get as personal as bulimia.

I take it you guys are all still at school? :-?
Well if you are, things like this happen all the time, and within days (rarely weeks) things are back to normal again and everything is forgotten, in fact it usually sets itself right after the weekend!

The best thing is to not kick up a fuss, and ignore J's sister's boyfriend and any other person who's picking on you because of what J has said, in the end they are the immature ones because she was being harsh to your friend in the first place, and you had every right to get them to stop, and if J is going to get people all against you, it just shows how insecure she is and that she can't fight her own battles and has to get her SISTER to do fight them for her!! And if all of this is going on over myspace bulletins, it can't be that hard to block, or delete J!

Good luck, I hope things turn out okay for you and A

Brighter x
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Postby gatekeeper » Sun Jun 10, 2007 3:05 pm

You must have hurt J deeply when you said "And it's not clever sticking your fingers down your throat is it?"

Whether she really has that problem is another thing. Like the previous poster mentioned, bulimia is a sensitive issue. If you didn't like what she said about your friend, you could have just said that it's not a very nice thing to do, criticising someone online like that. You did not have to stoop to her level.

What I think you can do now is, apologise to J for having said those things. Explain to her that you were really angry when she said those things about your friend and you felt the need to stand up for your friend. Hence, you said what you said without thinking it through. Also, if she's still listening, you could express genuine concern for her problem. Ask her if she really is battling bulimia and assure her that you'll try your best to help her with it, if she wants to.

You could either write her an email, if she avoids you in school, phone her or just talk to her privately if you see her in school.
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Postby all_apologies » Sun Jun 10, 2007 3:31 pm

I agree with gatekeeper completely. You did make a jibe about her having bulimia; it wasn't just a rumour. I agree that in this case, the most sensible thing to do is apologise and tell her that you know it was silly and were just looking for a way to stand up for your friend. Had it been about something less sensitive, I would say just let it pass. However, in case she is in fact suffering from bulimia, quietly offering your apologies and then leaving it at that may be a better idea. Just so she knows you aren't actually judging her for it.

We all say things without thinking in the heat of the moment, so the best thing you can do is realise your own mistake and learn from it.
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