I need cheering up and/or a bottle of wine.

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I need cheering up and/or a bottle of wine.

Postby crumpetsandtea » Sat Feb 16, 2008 8:38 pm

I need cheering up or entertaining haha!

I live in a shared student house with 4 other people. two of them always go home for weekends, the other two have boyfriends. This weekend it has been only me and one of my housemates... and her boyfriend, so as you can imagine they have LITERALLY not come out of her bedroom all day and i have been sat on my own bored out of my mind. I even made a pie I was that bored.

I'm the only one who doesn't really go home or have a boyfriend so I am on my own most weekends, but usually i'm at work so it doesn't bother me but I've had the weekend off.

As an unlucky coincidence...ALL of my mates at uni have gone away for the weekend too. (What are the chances?!) and I am quickly running out of things to entertain myself with.

I managed to escape the valentines day blues on the actual day but now it has well and truly hit me!

Since coming to uni I have found it VERY difficult to meet people. I met a guy before christmas that I quite liked (the first person I have actually liked in a LONG while), then it just all went a bit wrong. I go out a lot and always try to get involved with things but it just hasn't happened.
I always seem to have bad luck with men. I find it hard enough to meet them, and even if I do, everything is smashing for a bit then they go and do something horrible.
Oh and apparently I'm quite 'intimidating' to approach in the first place, so none of this bodes well.

I have loads of absolutely gorgeous friends who are the best girls you could ever wish for, they're all sweet, funny and kind, and we are all single! What is wrong with all these men?!

Girls, I think it is about time we stopped putting ourselves down. I have come to the decision that there is nothing wrong with us there just is a very short supply of decent men around! I might just be done with the whole thing and become a nun. I can imagine it would be a whole lot less hassle and bother.. plus you would save a lot of money on buying 'going out' clothes.
(and is it just me or all the fit men in the supermarket?)
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Postby morris mouse » Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:07 pm

crumpetsandtea wrote: I have loads of absolutely gorgeous friends who are the best girls you could ever wish for, they're all sweet, funny and kind, and we are all single!


Could I suggest,perhaps,that you still hang around with your female
friends (whom,as you've said in your post, are absolutely gorgeous!!)

Enjoy being single :wink: & I'm sure you'll find someone,someday :lol:
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Postby weatherman78 » Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:57 am

Hey crumpetsandtea

Best thing I can suggest is to get yourself out there and meet people. Don’t rely on your housemates for company – what about other friends? Any close family? Other people on your course? (assuming your still at uni of course lol)

I know it’s a cliché but love tends to happen when your not looking for it, as thats what happened to me.

You may come across as intimidating because you always have this relationship thing in the back of your mind…and to guys that may seem a little TOO serious! obviously depending on the type of guys that u "go for" too. theres a lot of toerags out there!

Also vary the places that you go to meet potential guys… whats wrong with the supermarket!!

I for one will ALWAYS chat back to a girl that says hi to me lol
No matter where that may be! :lol:

There are plenty of great guys out there, you just need to know where to look ;)

All the best!

Wm x

Edit by Pwif: great advice, but no swearing please (even with *). Ta. :P
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