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One of those weekends

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:13 am
by captainf
Well the weekend started relatively quiet and nothing out of the ordinary however Sunday was much different.
My uncle, his girlfriend and their 10yr old daughter (my cousin) came to visit which was nice at first but the problem was after they left.
Basically a few weeks ago mum saw my cousin rolling around on the floor and next to her was a necklace of my nans. When mum asked her where it came from she shrugged and said she didnt know. Mum mentioned it to my uncle and also stated that my nan has 'lost' a few necklaces recently. My uncle said he'd have a word with her.
Anyway after they left earlier this evening, fully aware that she had atleast attempted (and possibly succeeded previously) to steal stuff in the past we had a general check around to make sure nothing was missing. My nan found that my cousin had taken a big bar of chocolate from her drawer in her bedroom. My mum found that my cousin had taken 2 out of 3 packets of chocolate coins from her drawer (that we were going to put on the xmas tree) in her bedroom.. and I noticed that some money I had on my table had been moved and was no longer stacked like it was this morning. I noticed there was a 20p and a 1p but was sure I had more, so I asked my mum if she remembered how much was on my desk and she said 'you had a 50p on there too' which of course wasnt there. I also noticed a cupboard of mine hadnt been shut properly, I quickly realised it was being kept open by my pilots case which is kept in there. I havent flown for a while so naturally I havent taken my pilots case out of the cupboard so I think she must of had a look in there too. I told nan that she needs to tell her son (my uncle) about all this and she seems slightly reluctant saying she dont want them to decide to stop coming. I just said that we need to nip it in the bud now because they can keep coming but if they dont straighten her out now shes just going to nick more. I also have about £200 in my wallet in my pilots case but this is for flying and im lucky she didnt find it in there as I have so many maps, charts and checklists covering it.. So if my nan dont say anything, should I? They said after xmas they'll come and spend a weekend with us and I dont want to feel like i've got to follow her around in hope that she wont try to nick anything.

In addition to this one of my cousins in London was beaten really badly by 3 somalian girls this morning. She had forgotten her shopping list so got out of the car to go get it from her flat when 2 girls started on her in a lift (all because my cousin had asked them a few weeks ago to turn the music down at a party they had going until 6am) When the lift opened another friend of theirs joined in, only she was fat and basically pinned my cousin to the floor while the other 2 kicked and punched her. The lucky thing was that the area of the block of flats that it took place was pretty much all window which meant her boyfriend could see what was going on from the car and he ran to her rescue. He had to kick the fat girl in the stomach because she wouldnt get off my cousin. The police turned up and another neighbour came out and asked my cousins boyfriend what happened, my cousins boyfriend explained and then this guy went back in to his flat and brought out a sledge hammer and knocked down the somalian girls door. The police of course had to take him down to the policestation. 2 of the 3 girls were arrested and then let out.. and my cousins boyfriend got a warning for kicking the fat girl in the stomach.
My cousin looks a right mess with lots of cuts, bruises, stitches, swelling etc. We dread to think what would of happened if her boyfriend hadnt seen what was going on. By the looks of it the girls involved are hated in those flats anyway and as my cousin has lived there for years and knows most of the people living there I dont think the 3 girls have done themselves any favours. My cousin is talking about pressing charges.

Some people in this world are wonderful, arent they?

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:16 pm
by jen
Hey Flynn

Firstly, i'm really sorry to hear about what happened to your cousin. No-one deserves to have to put up with that sort of treatment. Especially from people who are supposed to be her neighbours.

I really hope she's ok and doesn't end up emotionally scarred from what's happened. Thank goodness her boyfriend was there to help her.

With regards to your wee cousin, i wouls suggest speaking to your uncle yourself. Maybe say to him that you noticed money missing from your room and noticed certain things of yours had been touched and also tell him about things belonging to your gran going missing. Maybe if you say that no-one else wanted to say anything as they didn't want to cause trouble but you felt you should mention it to him as you would want to know if your child had been stealing. At least this way it doesn't sound too harsh. Maybe even mention that you noticed she'd touched your pilots case and that if she wanted, next time they're there you would be happy to show her all the things you have if she's interested as you don't mind this but that you wont stand for her going through your stuff and/or stealing.

Sorry if this hasn't helped, i just know that this is probably the way i would deal with it. It really depends on what type of person your uncle is and also depends on whether or not they are willing to discipline your cousin. Some parents can't see any wrong in their kids. Hopefully your uncle will be ok with it and give her a good talking to.


Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:54 pm
by captainf
Hey Jen

Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. I appreciate it. :)

Regarding my cousin that was attacked I havent heard much else but I do know shes resting. She wanted to go to work today but everyone thinks shes in shock and wouldnt let her. Its probably not really hit her properly. Hopefully she wont be emotionally scarred but only time will tell.

Regarding my little cousin, I was prepared to speak to my uncle (I just wanted opinons here first) however my mum text him earlier this morning. He phoned this afternoon and said he spoke to her this morning before she left for school and asked her if she had stolen anything, she said no so my uncle asked to see in her bag and she replied saying no as its private. So my uncle grabbed it and had a look. There was my money and the chocolate in there, when my uncle asked her where she got them from she said the shop she went to with her friend on friday, so he asked her again and she said the same thing. My uncle told us that he'd be having a big talk with her when her mum is home. Thats all I know for now. My uncle did keep apologising aswell which of course indicates that he is taking it very seriously and is sorry for how his daughter has behaved.

Thanks once again for replying to my topic. :)

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:17 pm
by Skarlet
Hi Captainf,

I am really pleased that the issue with the stealing looks like it is being dealt with. Sorry your weekend was so rubbish, and I hope the cousin that was attacked recovers soon.

Is there anything going on with the younger cousin to cause her to steal? Or is she just naughty?


Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:06 am
by captainf
Many thanks for the reply. I havent heard much news today regarding to my cousin that was beaten, shes just resting and recovering.
My cousin is just being naughty for some reason. Normally shes well behaved but for some reason shes started stealing things and we've got no idea why. Hopefully the talk between my cousin and her mum and dad will be productive and she will stop.

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:08 am
by jen

Well at least it sounds as though your uncle is dealing with it and taking it seriously. Maybe it's just her age. Or she may have started hanging around with different people causing her to act out a bit. At least if your uncle speaks to her and she knows that she has been found out, she may stop this behaviour. It's also good that your uncle has apologised as it shows he is obviously serious about curbing this naught behaviour.

You're probably right about your other cousin being in shock. I really hope she gets better and manages to get through what has happened. I also hope that those girls get what they deserve. Remember what goes around, comes around.

Hope you're feeling a bit better about it all now and hopefully next weekend will be better for you.

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:51 pm
by RagDoll
Really sorry to hear about your cousin (the one who was attacked). That's awful. I just don't understand the mentality of some people. They're certainly not on the same wave length as the rest of us. I hope she's ok.

Regarding your little cousin, I suspect this is just a phase/attention seeking, especially since she hadn't eaten the chocolate/spent the money she'd taken. I can understand your concerns, but I am sure she'll stop doing it, especially now she's been caught out and your Uncle intends to have a word with her.

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:53 pm
by Bel Bel
Wow thats some weekend to deal with :o

Your poor cousin she has my sympathises. The fact she lives there is she likely to get any further problems from these girls?

Often when kids go off the rails there is a reason behind it. I know you can't confront her yourself but maybe it's worth suggesting to your uncle he checks if there is something bigger going on in her life like bullying.

Also if she is coming to stay again maybe it would be worth getting a lock on your room. I know you shouldn't have to but it would be awful if she stole your flying money as I can imagine that has taken you a while to save up.

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:10 pm
by Skarlet
Thats what I was wondering, Captain, how old is your cousin?

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:42 pm
by RagDoll
Assuming you're referring to the younger cousin, I think Captain said she is 10 years old

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:48 pm
by Skarlet
I must have missed that. Serves me right for scan reading.

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:10 pm
by RagDoll
We all do that from time to time :)

Re: One of those weekends

PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:56 am
by captainf
Yeah my cousin is 10. :)

I just want to thank everyone for their kind and helpful replies. I'm very grateful and I appreciate the time you've all taken to reply.
The reason why I havent replied is because ive been out of the loop recently and havent heard much news.

I believe my uncle has had a word with his daughter and I think hes involved her mum too. Although I cannot confirm this as I havent heard from them recently.

Regarding my cousin, it was actually 4 girls that attacked her and not 3. The guy who then knocked the girls door in has gone all weird with my cousin and her boyfriend now and wont talk to them for some reason. We all think the girls have probably made something up and hes trying to either stay out of it or take their side.
I still have no idea what my cousin is going to do regarding to relocating etc.

Thanks once more for the kind comments and support. Its greatly recieved and appreciated.