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I fought the law, and the... Law won.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:44 pm
by Tarantula
I got a letter fru the post today saying that my brother and I have been summoned to court for apparently not paying council tax.

That's utter balls, we have been! My bro's been ticking off the letters as paid, as they come through, every month. There's a whole stack of ticked bills in the drawer!

I know this will get sorted out as soon as my bro gets back from work, big bro sort it out goooood.

But still.

Stupid council tax with their headed letter paper and silly logo and bereaucratic plop plops. According to them we have to pay an outstanding fee of just over a grand in order to 'stop the proceedings'. But someone their end has mucked it up, not us.

Hmph. Damaged my calm, it has.

Re: I fought the law, and the... Law won.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:59 pm
by spacegirl
oh for goodness sake! bound to be a massive clerical error. Since living in my apt from october, I've had 5 different electricity bills , one extra for every month that passes, with five different customer numbers, and five different amounts that we supposedly owe. so we were paying off one customer number which they subsequently closed and tried to say we hadn't paid any... each time i ring the electricity company to sort it the mess something up and somehow manage to either close our account and open another one, or just open another account!!!! lol and they also hve the cheek to say "no, no that's not right... you couldn't have five different accounts under the same name" - when I have the five letters sitting on the table in front of me! nightmare, we've also been summoned to court and they're threatening to come and replace our electricity meter and want to be put in touch with our landlord! and we've done nothing wrong!!!

I know exactly how you feel!!!! every few weeks when i think things are sorted, I come home to a big red and yellow court action envelope. Very stressful!!!!!!! i spent an hour on the phone just the other day.....