worst maid of honour everrr!

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worst maid of honour everrr!

Postby Aliceinwonderlandx » Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:25 am

Hey well basically, my sister is getting married in just over a month and i’m the maid of honour. But to be honest i just feel a bit down over the whole thing, i know maids of honour traditionally tend to take care of a lot of stuff, in particular the hen night. But to be honest I’ve done nothing, the hen night is pretty basic my sisters choice, Leeds for a night out no fancy dress no strippers etc, so there’s not really much i could organize, i don’t drive so my sister organized who’s driving down, i know none of her friends so couldn’t really plan any surprise and so forth. I did ask if i could be put in charge of the hen night but she said why it’s all sorted, not in a mad way or anything she’d just covered it all. I guess it doesn’t help with me being inexperienced in weddings as well as pretty skint and just 18 years. Also her best friend the other bridesmaid has got put together a contribution of money from everyone on the hen night to book a spa hotel trip thingy, which kinda made me feel jelly too, i mean it should of been me thinking of stuff like that and organising things. Obviously i will be there to help a lot of the day, the bride is staying over at mine with me and my mum and i will be doing her make-up, helping her get dressed and organising everything on the day so she’s calm. Just wondering what else is left for me to make a difference. Pleaseee help :)
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Re: worst maid of honour everrr!

Postby Bel Bel » Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:42 pm

A modern bride tends to organise everyhting herself, I know I did and most friends of mine have.
That way your sister is actually getting what she wants
What you need to do is go and have a good time and hep her have a great day. Take lots of photos of the event, maybe get a scrap book and make an album up to give her as a present after the night
It seems to me she doens't have any expectations of you except looking pretty on the day
Relax and enjoy it more, thats the best present you could give her
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