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job from hell getting me down

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:35 pm
by spacegirl
Well, as some of you know, i started a new job a few months ago, after finishing a contract in my old one. the job didn't start too well with them messing me around with contract/pay issues but that is the least of my worries. the workload is unmanageable, and i've received no training or induction whatsoever as i replaced someone on maternity leave. i'm on my own and don't have a team, so there isn't even anyone to help me or show me what to do. i work for an accountancy/advisory firm, and i do the marketing/pr/business development (even though i was under the impression it was just a marketing job and there was no mention of bus dev, pr and no team until i started), and given that i came from a tourism background i'm having real trouble adjusting to professional services. people expect me to know everything about all of these financial regulations and tax laws, even though they know that i didn't come from that background!! so, i spend most of my day reading reports and trying to familiarise myself with advisory/tax/accountancy stuff and then i've no time to do the actual work! I can tell people get frustrated with me, they talk to me like i'm 4 years old and i think they talk about all this technical language just to make me look stupid because a lot of the time it's completely unnecessary. i cannot fit in at all, i've never felt like such a new kid in my life.

but the worst thing is just the work itself. i spend a lot of time in meetings discussing people whose businesses are going under and what we can do to make money off them in terms of dissolving the companies and selling them off, basically discussing peoples livelihoods, companies they've built from scratch and revelling in the fact that their family businesses are coming to an end. i mean today we were discussing a local food company, built from scratch three generations ago that has come into financial difficulty. they were like vultures. i felt like the guys in scrooge's vision of christmas future where they stole his curtains and pyjamas and the heat from his body. i'm sure i'm being melodramatic but i just couldn't help but think of the poor family who will have nothing once my company get their hands on them.

it's got to the stage now where i feel dread in my stomach at the very thought of going in, for about an hour after work i feel relief, but then it turns to dread once i realise it's 8pm and i've to go to bed in a few hours only to get up and do it all again. I'm barely sleeping and a lot of mornings i wake up in tears after really dark depressing dreams. i canot believe how much this job is affecting me but i can't leave because there is no work. i know it's only 6 months but i've only been 6 weeks and i already feel like this. it's just not for me :( i have decided to move to canada next year, if it wasn't for debt from paris i would go in the morning. i'm just fed up.

am i crazy if i hand in my notice tomorrow with no job? i've never been on benefits before is it possible to live on them until i get a job? I have rent and about £100 credit card bills to pay. someone please tell me i should leave.

Re: job from hell getting me down

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:37 am
by ILoveChristmas
You should leave.

These people have been nothing short of incompetent idiots from the start Spacegirl. They may know how to pick the meat from a dying man's bones but they certainly don't know anything about employee relations, human resourcing or employment contracts.

What i'll wager has happened is that their incompetence has caught them out. The person who previously did your job has announced her intention to go on maternity leave on date x and they've done nothing about it. Time has marched on and still they've done nothing. At the last minute they've had to get someone to do the job without taking proper time to select someone with the approptiate background. Add to that how messed around you've been, how ill-defined your duties are and it seems quite clear that you stand no chance of succeeding in this company. Edit: through NO fault of yours, any other company would be lucky to have you.

My feelings are that people shouldn't complain about feeling stressed or unsupported at work because often you can change these things yourself if you're a leader and a little hard headed, but in your case it's gone far beyond that. Get out of there before it has serious implications for your health. Mental and physical.

Register for benefits, housing support and whatever else is available in England (i'm in Scotland). Then go looking for any kind of work you can. You are number one, so looking after your own health is your priority. Other things will work themselves out, they always do.

Re: job from hell getting me down

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:47 am
by RagDoll
Firstly, I can sympathise with the lack of support and help you're receiving - I have receive very little from the place that I work at too. My manager never even talks to me about work (seriously, all of our conversations revolve around chit chat about what we've done at the weekend etc.), so I am left to just get on with it and work things out for myself. Plus, I know this is unrelated in a sense, but we are facing huge job cuts (as you know :wink: ) so it's a very stressful atmosphere at the moment and I cry before I go to work too. I know it's not the same cause, but I just wanted to say I know how it feels to be so upset about work.

Anyways, enough about me. I'm not sure I agree that you should just hand in your notice and get out of there, though I would urge you to find another job asap, just about any job to keep you going until you find more suitable employment. I'm no expert, but if you just hand in your resignation, I think there will be a period where you won't be entitled to certain benefits as you willingly gave up a job. It would be different had you been made redundant.

Re: job from hell getting me down

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:41 pm
by Bel Bel
If you leave your job I am sure that you won't get benefits straight away
Can you go temping for a while until you get something else sorted

Re: job from hell getting me down

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:46 pm
by spacegirl
i had an inkling it wouldn't be that easy bel bel. i've half a mind to get myself fired.the last thing i want is to sit on benefits, i would go crazy, but i really don't know how long i can stick this out.

you're right ILC, i mean it was three weeks before I finally went and introduced MYSELF to the HR manager. and my desk is outside her office. I just feel so out of control because as you say I can normally control these things but I was never given a chance.

today they were talking about a local construction company that one of my best friends works for :( i can't say a word because it's confidential and i don't want to cause hell if he lets slip to his colleagues. aargh!

I was invited to a seminar this morning about health and wellbeing and coping with stress in the workplace (couldn't have come along at a better time), so i went along and there was a lifecoach speaking. And he said that if there's anything in your life that makes you fundamentally unhappy, get rid of it. I don't think he meant that I should pack in my job, but i think I'll give a month's notice and spend every waking hour looking for something else. I'm going to wait until monday and think about it over the weekend but i've more or less made my mind up.

Re: job from hell getting me down

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:23 am
by RagDoll
Have you made any decisions Spacegirl?

Re: job from hell getting me down

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:45 pm
by spacegirl
well i watched the budget cuts today and panicked. :( but a friend passed my details on to a friend of his who runs a consultancy business and i spoke to him today so fingers crossed this works out!