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incident at work

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 9:35 am
by singingsmiler
Hi guys,
There was an incident at work yesterday - basically two boys were all out to kill each other - we had been left at the unit as we did not have enough staff to transport to P.E so we were waiting for them to come back to us.

The two boys wound each other up as happens - but they went wild.
We had to try to keep them in seperate buildings and i wass trying to restrian one of the boys fear he would damage himself or someone else.

We ended up outside by a building and he slammed me into a the corner of a wal so my back hit full impact and then his whole body wait was on me too.

I was very shaken and in shock - the head said it just needed a rub!! The other staff said i should be allowed to go home.
The head made me phone the boys mother to explain what had happened :evil:

I went to an NHS walk in centre near work and was told i had to get to a hospital asap - luckily one of my friends came to pick me up from work and took me to a hospital nearer my home.

i was seen very quickly and basically the shock had cuased my whole back to freeze up and i was in so much pain.

the doctor said it was bad bruising but he was worried about the effect of the shock and said he wanted to put me on a drip, give me anti sickness shock and put me on morphene for pain relief :o

When they put the drip in i went all funny and my fiance tells me - my eyes rolled back in my head i started shaking and then passed out. He was terrifeid - the doctor came and stabilised me and ihad to stay in hospital being monitored - on a drip and having constan pain relief.

After 5 hours they said iwas ok to go home... i managed to sleep but am feeling very sore, i have very strong pain relief from the hospital to take but i am still feeling very woozy and sore.

Just need a bit of cheering up really guys :cry:

SS xxx