Going Backwards

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Going Backwards

Postby kitten » Sat Jun 24, 2006 4:13 pm

Having recently finished counselling I was feeling positive and hopeful. I know I shouldn't expect a miracle recovery but I am feeling rather down at the moment.

I have some very important decisions to make, which I don't want to go into, but it is life changing one which I am probably not ready to make but in the meantime I feel frustrated and not being able to make it.

Have also discovered hubby is over his overdraft limit and we are rather stuck finanically, thankfully at the moment I can cover mortgage payments. We have a bit in savings, which we were finally going to get central heating with, but now not sure if we can afford to as may need them.

This happened because my husband took a new job which meant a pay cut and they haven't got his tax code right so he is paying ALOT more than he should, he should be getting a rebate but in the meantime its a huge struggle and a woory.

Have been asking for a pay rise at work, finally got one and its not very good and is not going to pay the bills. Have applied for other jobs but nothing as yet (well interview, but I am not very hopeful, its a high position). I am considering doing something part time but I only have evenings really and I am so tired after work. I used to work two jobs and it takes its toll after a while.

I have so much on at work that I don't know whether I'm coming or going I keep get asked why things haven't been done (i am a very efficient person and hate being critised) but we are short of staff and I am trying my best. I feel completely undervalued. The other day I nearly handed my notice to temp for a bit, but with our finances in their current state I can't risk it.

I feel trapped in everything I'm doing :(
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Postby brfc » Sun Jun 25, 2006 2:03 pm

sounds like you have the world on your shoulders at the moment kitten. must be really hard trying too make ends meet till hubbys tax is sorted out. i think mayb the best solution is too try too cut back on a few luxurys for a bit till everythings sorted out. what i will say is dont work yourself silly trying too get more money. you will just make yourself ill and that be no good too anyone. hope it all works out pm me if u fancy a chat take care brfc.
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Postby Jo troupette » Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:45 pm


It really sounds like you're stuck every way you look! But here's a fact for you. There's ALWAYS a solution. Even if it is that you just need to let time take it's toll, there's always a way that things will sort out. You've just got to get through the waiting until it happens. Keep you chin up and your eyes open for any possibilities that may come your way!

Jo. xoxox
We have two ears, one for hearing and one for actually listening. Remember, chin up and just keep smiling! :-)
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Re: Going Backwards

Postby retrochav » Tue Jul 11, 2006 9:16 pm

You have too much on your plate at the moment, and the big decision you are struggling to contemplate compounds the powerlessness you feel.

I would suggest your husband goes to Tax AID (they are a charity who can help people with tax problems free of charge). It might be worth checking to see if you are entitled to Working Tax Credits (assuming between you and your partner you work over 30hrs a week). You might want to write to the bank and ask them to freeze any interest on the overdraft while you sort out the finances. Send an income and expenditure sheet (try typing in debtline online for help) and you will find them helpful.

As for work, always keep in mind that you can only do so much. Maybe list all the jobs you have to achieve, ticking them off one at a time, that way you can see how much you have achieved. You can also show your boss that you are trying to keep on top.

You are a whole lot stronger than you are giving yourself credit for. You've held it all together, and you will continue to. Remeber, people are like tea bags - you dont know how strong we are until we are in hot water![/url]
whatever your problem someone else has been there and bears the scars.
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