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Need Your Cliches

Postby misskrystal » Mon Sep 11, 2006 7:27 pm

Hi Guys,

as some of you may know, my boyfriend of four years broke up with me a couple of weeks ago. I found out he was planning to go on holiday with one of his female friends, when he'd told me he would be away on business. His response was to break up with me in an email, so (to use a really bad Dr Phil term) I didn't get any closure.

Anyway, I bumped into him in the street last week and we had a quick chat (basically him telling me how much he loves and misses me), then he promised to call me later that day and to meet up later in the week. Well, he never called and couldn't make time to meet.

Now he's apparently away on business in London (which I assume means he's in Thailand with her).

I'm feeling really low at the moment. I had hoped that talking things through with him would help me draw a line under this whole thing. I'm not necessarily hoping for us to get back together, but I would like to have had the chance to tell him what I felt went wrong with our relationship and show him how much he hurt me. I'm also hurt that, even after getting dumped, he can still stand me up. Now I have to wait another week to talk to him and I have to deal with the fact that he's on holiday with another girl (it's really helping me to know that I found out before he went, rather than us still being together and me finding out later).

So, I suppose what I need is some encouragement; you'll get over it, plenty more fish in the sea..... that kind of thing. Just the general stuff people tell you when you get dumped.

I know that most people on here have been in my position at some point or another, so your support really means a lot.
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Postby Laurajane » Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:52 pm

so the guy is keeping you hanging on a thread then? How rude i find that he breaks up with you in the way he did in the first place, after four years he owed you much more than dumping you through email. He then sees you in the street and tells you probably the exact thing you want to hear that he still loves you, wants to be with you- and leaves you wondering whats going on and confused as to what your feelings are. Next time the opportunity arises dont leave the ball in his court tell him when you see him and dont arrange to meet up- if it has to be in the street then so be it- tell him exactly how much he hurt you. In the mean time i understand what you say about closure but this might be a cliche but you will get over it and i mean that- you deserve somebody who shows you a bit more respect than what he has given you. You need time to get over it dont get me wrong but just remember his behaviour was cowardly.
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