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New boy on the scene

Postby Phoenix » Sat Sep 23, 2006 11:00 am

Well hello there, I haven;t been around here for a while, but quick update (for those who've read my previous stuff):

I started at my new school and immediately hit the creme da le creme of popularity, which hasn't faded away (yet). I haven't been in contact with Josh for a long time, and don't want to. And I met this boy.

His name's Dave, he's not the kinda guy I'd usually go for, being the class badboy/joker, but really hawt too. It's wierd that I fancy him, but anyway. He knows how I feel, where we were passing notes in English.

Now it's saturday and I can't get him offa my mind. We've gotten to the stage where we look at eachother and smile lots, we're talking, about ten times a lesson. My friends reckon he's interested... But people have been telling me contradicting stories about him, that he's a bit of a player etc etc... do I judge someone by their rep or their character as I know it..?

And what d'you reckon I can do to get him to like me enough to ask me out? I reckon he probably likes me for now, but I kinda want things to move faster. I'm not sure what the next step is. I could get my friends to perform a Russian Interrogation on him, but that COULD scare him off..!

Gaah, help!
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Postby Lost... » Sat Sep 23, 2006 8:42 pm

Yeah this is a tricky one. ok first thing's first if he has a reputation you need to remember that, but don't let other peoples opinions of him get in your way! If you like him that much you need to figure him out for yourself! People can change and although there is a chance you might get hurt its better to find out than regret not doing anything!
It sounds as if he does like you but there are ways you can be sure, you need to make sure that the ball is always in his court (he's forced to make the first move) you need to initiate by flirting and letting it be known that you're interested. but don't be afraid to let him down. If he knows you never do then he's gonna think he's got you rapped round his finger. So basically play it cool and let him do all the chasing!

good luck xXx
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