Love Triangle, two guys who are best friends and one me!

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Love Triangle, two guys who are best friends and one me!

Postby Lost... » Sat Sep 23, 2006 9:11 pm

Ok here goes, I really like two guys but they're best friends...which is never good!
The first is a guy who i've been good friends with for a long time and we've always had chemistry! and at one point we both really liked eachother and we both knew but i never did anything about it because i didn't want to lose him if things didn't work out. but he's just the greatest guy in the world! he's sooooo smart and even funnier and i get jealous everytime he's flirting with a girl or likes someone else but i can't say anything because he throws it back in my face that it was my decission to not be with him and recently he's started to really like someone who refuses to be interested in him but he doesn't give up and now he's lost all interest in me even though we have a history but we still flirt etc.

The second is a guy i really like but he came along just recently and he is one of the other guys best friends, he's really sweet and funny and good looking and smart and well perfect but i'm scared he's gonna lose interested because he's asked me out 3 times in the last two days and i've had to reject him because i don't know how to tell the other guy number 1. as when he was first suspicious of me and guy number 2 he told me that he didn't mind me seeing someone else just that he didn't want it to be "guy number 2"

so if you weren't entirely confused by that like i am!! i could really use your help/opinions/anything!!!!

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Postby jewel » Sun Sep 24, 2006 12:29 am

Not sure where to start.Ok,you decided not to go with guy number one because of your friendship but you get jealous whenever he flirts with someone else. If he throws it back in your face that you didnt want to get together does it mean you have talked to him about your feelings now?

Now you kinda like guy number two but cant get with him because of guy number one.Number one doesnt mind you seeing other people (yeh,its none of his business!) as long as it is not his friend.

Ok i think i am confusing myself!!

Does guy number two know about the feelings you and his friend had for each other,if he does it obviously isn't a problem for him?

If there is no chance with the first guy then i think it is ok to be attracted and think about seeing other people but i do think you are on shakey ground being interested in his best mate. If it is a small group that you hang around with then it is more than likely going to cause a few problems for you and for both of them. If you have only just met guy number two then give it some more time. I think for the sake of all your friendships you need to be sure that you are not still attracted and regreting not getting with guy number one.

I hope you manage to work all this out. If you decide to go for it with either of them i wish you lots of luck. Just make sure you really know who or what you want before you decide to start anything.
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