My Best Friend Was Raped!

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My Best Friend Was Raped!

Postby Kareen_Macleod » Sun Apr 06, 2003 1:12 am

I am really worried about my best friend. She was raped a few months ago and has already told me and her older brother but refuses point blank to tell her parents which makes me angry. :x Her father is a minister and she seems to think that he wouldn't understand but I know he would! Should I tell them ?
I can't help feeling bad for her because she kept it a secret for sooo long without telling a soul and she must have been really really upset about it all! Please help me!! :(
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Postby KoRn_Freak » Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:09 pm

Rape is an extremely serious issue to deal with, and I'm so sorry to hear that your friend went through this. I can understand how terrified she must feel, and how frustrated you are. I'm positive her father would understand since you can't blame her for being raped, can you? That's completely unethical as well as insensitive. It may not be the wisest option for you to go to her parents and tell them about the rape. Carry on trying to persuade her to go to them. Dealing with the memories of a rape can be severely traumatising, so the best you can do for now is offer her your undivided attention, friendship and support. If she decides not to go to her parents, I think you and her older brother should be the ones to let them know.

Hope that helps,
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Postby kitten » Sun Apr 06, 2003 8:06 pm

I think your friends parents would actually be more supportive than she thinks. There is a stigma attached to rape that means many women feel it is their fault and hide it.

Make it clear to her that it was not her fault and even if she doesn't tell he parents she should seek counselling or help of some description to get her through the many emotions she is probably going through now.
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Postby smile » Mon Apr 07, 2003 9:23 am

Your friend must be going through a very hard time. No matter how fustrated you are, I don't think you should tell her parents. They probably will be very understanding and supporting but I think that she needs to do it. She has told you in confidence about the rape because she trusts you. I don't think you should take advantage of that trust. I understand how upsetting it must be watching your friend go through this but with time, hopefully she will come to accept it get help. However stress how important it is to tell her parents an make sure she understands it is not her fault and that she does need to speak to them.

Take care,

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Postby Jupiter » Mon May 26, 2003 8:08 pm

u should keep telling ur friemd she needs to talk to ehr parents also this might help, have a few phone numbers for u to give it sounds like she needs to talk to someone that could help.

Rape Crisis Helpline

Freefone 1800 32 32 32

she needs tro talk and be suported

Love Jupiter :lol:
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