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Postby shine » Sat Jun 21, 2003 7:21 pm

I know this is a wierd question but how do u know when ur in love? theres this guy iv known for nearly a year. it was like love at first sight because i can remember the moment we first met. we just looked at one another and my memory is still vivid after a year. i really like him but know i can never have him. i have once told him i loved him and he told me he loved me too but we decided together not to take things further than friendship at that time because things would be complicated with me having my exams and him looking for a job. we tell one another everything and but i think i should wait till the right time to take things further than friendship as i want it to go right. i know i love him but i have a problem admitting it to other people and i don't know one seems to think someone my age {15} can fall in
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Postby stressed » Tue Jun 24, 2003 11:57 am

hey im 15 myself and i am in lovewith a 20 year old,even tho we only been together for a month, he loves me 2 evey time we think we are gun loose each other we cry and thats just at the thought of it! lol anyways, you dont have to listen to wat any1 else thinks i.e 15 year olds cant fall in love... blah blah blah its what your feeling and if you really truely think your in love then go for it and as with me its so great you cant describe to other people what they are missing out on!
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Hi shine

Postby Cat Queen » Tue Jun 24, 2003 6:40 pm

Hi Shine! Mr.L asks the same question on Girlfriends/boyfriends forum :) . Check out his replies to see what I and others said.
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Postby cheese100 » Tue Nov 04, 2003 9:09 pm

i may be younger than you but tons of my friends have had bfriends and been in love.I have been but he didnt like me back,I think if he does like you,you shood make a go of it regardless the time of year and if your in the same year im sure he'll understand if you need to cancel with him to study for exams.Good Luck cHEESE XX
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Postby depman » Wed Nov 05, 2003 3:17 am

There is nothing wrong with being in love at 15 go for it!!
My wife was 15 when we met :)
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Postby misatok11 » Wed Nov 05, 2003 4:36 am

Locked the topic. No replies from the author for almost 5 months.
If you wish the topic to be reopened contact one of the mods.
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