16 and pregnant!

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16 and pregnant!

Postby Twisted_Angel_86 » Fri Jul 18, 2003 9:17 pm

I've been with my boyfriend for two years and after much discussion, decided to have sex. I love him very much and I knew I wanted him to be my first. So, on my 16th, we lost our virginity to one another. I talked to my auntie about it and she took to the doctor's where I went on the Pill and Nathan used condoms. However, after six weeks of feeling unwell, I went for a check-up and my doctor told me I was pregnant! I have no idea what to do! My parents died in a car crash when I was seven and I've been living with my grandparents ever since and while they're supportive people, if I told them, they's be very disappointed. I mean, despite my age, I still want this child. I couldn't imagine ever giving it up as I don't believe in adoption or abortion. I talked to my auntie yesterday and she's been great as we've always been close since she married my uncle and as she's only 25. She has an 18-month-old daughter who I love to bits and is due her second daughter in two months. Now, I know that even though I'm only sixteen, I'd be a good mother. I baby-sit my cousin all the time, sometimes for an entire weekend when something comes up with my aunt or uncle and I love every minute of it. Everyone says I'm fantastic with children and I want to work with them when I'm older. I've yet to tell Nathan and as great as my aunt has been, I don't want to burden her anymore as she has been going through her own problems. I mean, there is no way I could ever get rid of my baby but at the same time, I don't know if I'm making the right decision.
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Postby isobel » Sun Jul 20, 2003 3:46 pm

The fact that you have told your aunt and she is suportive of you is a huge step in the right direction. Sounds like you are very responsible despite your age. You waited two years to be sure it was right and you used two methods of contraception. Its just unfortunate that you fell pregnant. I think your next big step is to tell your b/f. If you are in love I'm sure he will be as suportive as your aunt. When telling your grandparents I'm sure if you have your aunt by your side she will help you through it. Its important you don't bottle things up and let it get on top of you. After all you have someone else to think about now!!!
I'm sure when you tell your b/f it will be a huge weight of your shoulders!
Good luck & wish you many happy years ahead of you.
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Postby KoRn_Freak » Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:29 pm

I can understand the confusion you must be feeling, but I hate to be realistic or sound harsh, but this could be a mistake if you keep your child. Think about it: your 16 and you have your entire life ahead of you! Imagine the places you could go, the sights you could see and the things you could achieve. Have you thought about going to college for your A levels, or maybe Univerisity for a degree or higher? Caring for a child is an enormous responsibility, and financially, an expensive one, although I can imagine your family helping you to support you with money if you do keep your baby. Also, think about your grandparents and how they'd react, and also think about yourself and your boyfriend. What would he tell his parents, and how would they react?
Adoption isn't a bad thing at all: it gives children an opportunity to live with families who may be unfortunate not to be able to concieve a child of their own. As for abortion, I leave that up to you, as it's more of a moral decision rather than a case of right or wrong.

I hope whatever you do decide to do, that you do it for the right reasons. Don't leave anything to chance. Discuss things thoroughly with Nathan and your family, and possibly his.


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