I'm pregnant at the age of 13

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I'm pregnant at the age of 13

Post by xXxHMxXx » Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:04 am

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a year. Two weeks ago we had sex. I have missed my period and I think I'm pregnant but I don't know who I can talk to because my mum, dad, bro and sis would just screw at me. I don't know what to do and I need help!

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Post by lilessexgal » Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:13 am

well firstly take a pregnancy test then at least you will know for sure weather your pregnant or not.

you could of just missed a period because at your age they can be very irregular.

i would do that first before we start giving out advice on how to handle this situation because there is still a chance you might not be.

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Post by BlackPeegley » Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:14 am

hey hun... i'm sorry to hear of your dilema... my advice to you is to go to a doctor and ask for a pregnancy test. If you are not wanting to do this then get a home pregnancy test. People can miss their periods for more reasons than pregnancy. And at your age your periods are likely to be irregular. So I would not worry too much if i were you. However you should take a test to make sure, then go from there.
Good luck honey, hope it all works out.. keep me posted.

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Post by luvva » Sun Oct 30, 2005 1:45 am

Like other people have said, periods can be really irregular at your age, from your first period it can take up to 2 years to settle down, and some people have problems with them all the time.

Are there any family planning clinics near you? They're really good, they could give you a pregnancy test, and then talk through your options after.

I know it's hard, but you shouldn't get too ahead of yourself or worry too much.

You should definitely get some condoms, and look into other suitable contraception for the future.

We're always on here to help, so if you need advice on anything, come back and ask :)

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Post by Katchalilfishy » Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:42 pm

if u dont want 2 talk 2 them go nd talk 2 ur doctr. They r totally confidental nd help out with all ur problems. If u r pregnant nd want an abortion then u need a parent or guardian to sign. Otherwise it is against the law. U RELY do not want 2 av a baby at this age bcz u will neva get ur own time.

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Post by Lost... » Tue Apr 11, 2006 2:17 am

if your worried about your family being an issue there are also places such as family planning clinics that you can go to get a test without involving your family atall

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Post by psycho*jadey » Tue Apr 11, 2006 10:20 am

did you use protection?
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Post by Liquidius » Tue Apr 11, 2006 6:03 pm

Sometimes you'll find that your family are the most supportive at a time like this, even if you do feel that they might kill you. Why would they? It might be hard for them to accept, but give 'em a chance...

Try a pregnancy test, from any spam post, between 10 - 20 quid.

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Post by all_apologies » Wed Apr 12, 2006 7:18 pm

Note: these posts were taken from your follow-up thread to this topic. Please keep posts on the same topic confined to one thread so that others can follow your situation more easily.

xXxHMxXx wrote:hey,

Thanks for all your advice i went out today and got a pregnancy test and took it and as i feared i am pregant. Im really scared now because i have to go back to school and i really dont feel up to it and i know its going 2 be hard because most people notice when somethings up with me and my head of year and form tutor always seem to no when somethings up with me because it hasnt been easy for me in school because i attemped suicide and my form tutor and head of year stuck by me and helped me through it and stuff.

So i dnt wanna go back to school bcause they will find out then all the teachrs will know and if a student over heards a conversation bout it then it will go round the school.

So if anyone has any advice for tackling school or about the pragnancy test being possitive then i would love to hear it because it would really help. :(

JennaXXX wrote:You need to tell someone about this. Its a major thing that you have to deal with so get the support you need.
Your form tutor sounds supportive so tell them. You will not be able to keep this a secret for long.

PinkPrincess wrote:You should really tell your parents. I know that that's a really scarey thought but they love you unconditionally and once they get over the shock they can help you out. Have you told your boyfriend?

Why don't you confide in your tutor? If they helped you before then I'm sure they won't mind helping you again. Don't worry, they won't judge you because it's their job to make sure all their pupils are okay. (Also your school need to know for health and safety reasons.)

The quicker you get help the more options you will have. My best friend got pregnant when she was a teenager and she dreaded the thought of telling her parents but when she did they were extremely helpful and were there for her all the way.

You need to think really carefully about everything before you do anything drastic, you don't want any regrets later in life.

Good luck.

lilessexgal wrote:yeah you might be scared to tell your parents but in reality everyone makes mistakes and a lesson will be taught through this so your parents may be a bit angry but they will be there for you most parents are in the end because your their daughter. you ened to tell at least someone adult even if it sthe doctor!

does your boyfriend know about this?

luvva wrote:Like everyone else has said, you really need to tell someone.

I know it's scary, and it's easy enough for us to tell you to just go and tell your parents, but it really is the best thing to do. Telling a teacher could also be a good idea, or just any adult that you're comfortable with.

After the initial shock, I'm sure your parents will be there for you, and you can decide what you are going to do. Don't let anyone push you into a decision you don't want to make though.

If you're boyfriend doesn't already know, you should probably think about telling him sometime, but you can take it all slowly. Don't get worried about telling everyone, just concentrate on your parents for now.

Lost... wrote:well i think first you should tell your boyfriend and then you can both decide together what you want to do

who old is your boyfriend?


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Post by elfy_p » Mon Jul 31, 2006 3:00 pm

I had my first child at 18 and although I love my kids and wouldn't change them for the world, it turns your life upside down.
I do know how scared you must feel and I wish I could give you a hug! You need to tell the adult you trust the most, you can't go through this on your own. You need to get this sorted out ASAP, if you are going to have an abortion then the earlier the better.
Good luck, let me know how you get on and feel free to PM me if you want :)

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Post by Redshift » Mon Jul 31, 2006 3:52 pm

This was started on Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:04 pm I think the problem might have been sotrted out by now.

Just thought I would say.
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Post by elfy_p » Mon Jul 31, 2006 4:25 pm

OOps my bad :lol:
Still, hope things worked out for her tho

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Post by jasmine1009 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:53 pm

i am also thirteen only two weeks ago i went to a nhs clinic with my friend and they are helping her through i think you should go with a friend

i feel for you
i hope everything go wells

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Post by snail » Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:21 pm

This is a very old thread, Jasmine - about 3 years old now, so xXxHMxXx will have got the problem sorted out one way or another by now.

Good on you for going to the clinic with your friend. She was lucky to have you.

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Re: I'm pregnant at the age of 13

Post by Aligator » Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:52 pm

so long ago but gotg so adicted to this...how is ur baby and is she/he a he/she?