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Postby Playstar » Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:56 pm

I always feel the same things always happen to me :

I feel im being ignored in my circle of friends, the only person im normally hangin with is my best friend, but i cant even trust him with secrets etc.

Ive been given a bad name so people have automatic prejudice of me so i cannot get very far if people think bad of me.

As i feel ignored etc. I try to find new friends as i dont talk to my circle of friends very much and they never seem to acknoledge me but i never have the confidence to like talk to random people and make friends.

I feel left out because everyone else in my group of friends is going out with someone and im left out with no-one, they are single people but they dont wanna know about me.

So im left in this cycle i cant seem to break and i feel lonelier each day and feel to meet new people and try to get a girlfriend I have to put lots of effort in,i do this and try look my best but it never seems to pay off,i put lots of effort in and it never pays off,i just want to have fun with friends like everyone else seems to and be together with someone because everyo0ne else seems to be going out with someone andits been several months etc...My best friend is 2faced and me and friends i ngeneral have no close relationships.Also,im also seen to be just like my best friend personalitywise,i look nothing like him. I want to be an individual and have friendships and do fun things a have a girlfriend and have confidence..please help x

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Postby pink stripes » Wed Dec 21, 2005 5:22 pm

hi, my confidence is also low, however the other day I posted a tpic about about my confidence, asking people for help. I had a reply, which I found really helpful. Basically, try little things to help your confidence, for example do things your worried about doing becuase when you do, you will know its not so bad. also, voice your opinion, don't stau quiet, you opinion is important so voice!

The reply I had has helped me, si I hope this helps you. just remeber, doing something little will help a lot xx
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Postby ghostuponthefloor » Tue Jul 18, 2006 11:08 pm

okay well, firstly, why is having a girlfriend so important to you? It's not right that you should get a girl just because everyone else has someone, that's called being a sheep.

as for your confidence, why not try to get closer with your best friend, get them to tell you things that you think will make you closer. Try answering questions in class, that often increased confidence.

Good luck~!
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