Whats Everyone's Views?

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Whats Everyone's Views?

Postby LemonJuice87 » Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:32 pm

I thought I would pop this in here as I'm not really after any advice, but people's opinions.
Basically it's up for discussion lol.

Whats people's views on having children?

Me and Mr. LemonJuice were having a random chat last night about my Implant (Implanon). And he said randomly that when I have it out (In around 2 an a half years) if money is stable he would be ready to start a family of his own with me.
Later on in the night I was wondering what it would feel like to be trying for a baby instead of just practising the deed lol.
I eneded up looking very pensive at this point and smoke was obviously coming out of the top of my head because Mr. LemonJuice asked what I was thinking about.

Little bit of a background (Dont shout at me lol)
Earlier in the year we had around 2 months of unprotected sex and I didnt fall pregnant. It wasnt intentional to be unproctected, we were using condoms, but as some of you may know. Things get a little carried away sometimes.

Anyway, after Mr. LemonJuice asked what I was thinking i told him it was my mind going into overdrive with all the what if's. I started thinking about those 2 months and what if we cant get pregnant in the future. (Please see previous posts about Pelvic Inflamamatory Disese) He said that he didnt want to try IVF or any other treatment along those lines. He would prefere to go all natural. If we don't get pregnant then we dont get pregnant, end of.
We both argreed that we didnt want adopt, we both would rather have a child thats our own. But i'm sure i'll end up changing my mind later in life if we cant get pregnant.
I already have a daughter, and through no encouraging at all she does call Mr. LemonJuice Daddy every now and then. He's brought her up the last year or so as his own.
I found myself getting a little upset at the fact that he wouldnt consider any other option of getting pregnant.

I know this all alot of what if's, but thats me. Im always thinking of the what ifs.

So my question is, what are your thoughts? I'm not after any advice of how to get him to change his mind, or about any other options or the fact that i'm thinking about this way to much. Because I'm likely to forget about this in a few weeks and just get on with things. But, I just want to know what other people's views are in the options after not being able to get pregnant naturally?
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Re: Whats Everyone's Views?

Postby Bel Bel » Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:19 pm

You may well get pregnant naturally , my friend has bad PID and she got pregnant very quickly depsite being told it would never happen.
The problem may never occur and once you have tried with no luck mr lemon juice may well chage his mind. His own biological clock may kick in and have him completely feel different about things
Basically just wait and see what happens and then deal with it at the time.
You may also not be in a finacially position to go IVF.
One thing to remember IVF is very draining finacially as well as emotionally and you are lucky enough to have one child. Don't let your desire for another be the destruction of your realtionship. Mr lemon juice should be more worried about having one as he has none and time may bring that to fruition
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Re: Whats Everyone's Views?

Postby RagDoll » Wed Dec 02, 2009 3:17 pm

I mostly agree with Bel Bel. It often takes people a lot longer than 2 months to fall pregnant, so I wouldn't worry about that. I am sure it would happen if you were trying.

I am not even sure I want children, so I can't ever imagine putting myself and my partner through IVF to have them, but my views are probably tainted by the fact I'm not even 100% I want them in the first place.
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