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It's a bit late for apologies, "holy father"...

PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:23 pm
by spacegirl ... 087269.ece

This isn't really "general chit chat" as such but it doesn't really fit in anywhere else. I was just reading the news about the whole Catholic Church scandal. I was brought up a Catholic, i'm not religious at all, and neither are my parents necessarily, but they raised me a catholic so that when i was old enough to make my own mind up i could decide whether i wanted to continue practising. I decided not to myself but i always planned to raise my kids (when i have them) as catholic as i agree with the teachings of the church in that people should be kind and forgiving and have certain morals, and I guess religion provides a good framework for that. I know that i would be able to raise kids with these morals without the help of religion but i guess it's the way that i and most of my friends were brought up so i guess i just assumed i would do the same.

now i just feel so disillusioned with the whole thing,and an institution i trusted and grew up with has been revealed to be a complete shambles and morally wrong. that's obviously not to say that all catholics and catholic priests are like this, but the more i think about it and the influence the catholic church has had over its constituents is just shocking. it is such a shame because ther are so many devoted people out there who live their lives by the church and according to the church's rules, only to be rewarded by this, it makes me sick. how can these people continue to believe in everything they have had faith in their whole lives when the pope himself, GOD'S REPRESENTATIVE ON EARTH, has been implicated in the cover up of child rape and abuse. surely god did not want this to happen. it negates everything i was ever taught about this pope fellow and shatters all my faith in the institution of the catholic church as a whole.

then the church story ends and a story about global warming pops up, and the freak weather. then the recession... and a bit of murder for good measure. when will it ever end?

sorry for the rant.

Re: It's a bit late for apologies, "holy father"...

PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:15 am
by ILoveChristmas
The influence of the Catholic church is massive, no doubt. It was one of the world's first super powers.

But people continue to believe because they have faith. If you have true, deep-seated faith then it can survive almost anything. That in itself is why I personally find religion and the church so frustrating, there is always an explanation for something forthcoming that has no physical proof to back it up.

You offer an arguement to a member of the church and you'll get a series of bible quotes in return, nothing more, presumably because the people i've asked have such a strong faith that they simply never question what they've read or been told.

It's too much of a leap for me. I'm far more inclined to believe in science and things that can be demonstrated if not prooved. I call myself agnostic. I'm not adverse to the idea of God and a 'greater being', the idea is tremendously comforting sometimes, but i'm not sure enough to call myself a believer.

On a lighter note (since I seem to have hijacked your thread and turned it into a religious discussion, sorry), the original reporter who covered that story, did anyone see his name? Roger Boyes! He's real too, the Times Online's german correspondent.

Re: It's a bit late for apologies, "holy father"...

PostPosted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:51 am
by shaz26
Have you ever seen deliver us from evil? Excellent documentry on the church. Really sad. Put it into real terms, most people think of child abuse skim over it, they don't think about what that involves. This had one Irish priest living in the US talk about what he did (he abused hundreds of children) he laughed and smirked as he went into graphic detail about the horrendous things he did and the expressions on the childrens faces. He isn't sorry. He doesn't even see the harm in what he did.

That's the problem with the church. They are only sorry they got caught and their reputation in ruined. The pope himself said that the reason it happened was because the priests had 'lost faith'! What a load of rubbish! Plenty of people lose faith some don't even have faith and they don't abuse children! That's a mockery and an insult! One girl who was abused went to the bishop who told her that because she was a girl it was just 'natural curiosity' on the priests part and if she was a boy who was abused it would be serious. This is actually what she was told.

It's not only the sexual abuse that's wrong it's the fact that they beat children to a pulp on a daily basis in institutions, 'flogging' them, nuns did the same, also humiliating young women in their care, severely beating them, laughing at them and sending them to mental hospitals if they spoke up. It's the torture, humiliation, fear and endless pain and suffering experienced by these women and children that you don't read about. Some people even committed suicide as a result of what they were going through, and they have the neck to tell people how they should live their lives? It's a joke! The catholic church is pure evil and they couldn't care less about their victims.

Re: It's a bit late for apologies, "holy father"...

PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:13 pm
by rufio89
While I 100% agree that the things these people have done are awful and unforgivable, make sure you dont tar everyone with the same brush.

Religious leaders of any religion are generally good people, it's just such a shame that a minority marr the reputation of the others.

PS:Also, be careful of posts like these, as there are lots of people on here who are religious and might get offended by it.

Re: It's a bit late for apologies, "holy father"...

PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:28 pm
by shaz26
The minority might be brought up for abuse but the ones that didn't abuse knolew it was going on and covered it up, the pope himself knew. They even had a big meeting about it ages before it was brought public and asked George bush to grant the pope immunity. That's a fact. The nuns also abused the women and children in their care, this wasn't just one country it was worldwide, when it was reported they were told to pray for their sins! Or the priest was moved somewhere else, that was very common and when a new bishop came in they were the same in most cases, that's why it took so long to come out, everyone covered it up. Even the leader of their disgusting pedophile ring that they call a church is guilty. They are not sorry - they are sorry their rep is ruined. The church is just about lies. Even the idea of priests not being allowed to marry is a lie, they used to in the beginning but changed it because the priest was leaving their money, land and posessions to their family. It's all about money and power and that's why they are sorry, because they are losing that.