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Mood Tracker

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:24 pm
by rufio89

this is partly sharing information and partly advertising (I have checked with the mods, but please delete it if you're not happy!).

My brother has developed an iPhone app called 'Happiness'. Basically, it pops up a couple of times a day (or a different frequency if you choose to change it), and says 'How are you feeling?' you then rate your mood and tag it to feelings or events. Over time it builds up a chart of what is making you happy and sad.

I've genuinely found it really helpful in seeing an overview of what comes up the most, or what sorts of things, it's particularly good over a long period of time. Some people find it really helpful to identify negative influences in their lives so they can fix them where possible. It's also interesting to look at after a really negative event - say a death or a breakup, so you can see that even though you might not feel like you're getting better, more and more happy thoughts are creeping in.

Therapists also often ask for people to keep a mood journal so this is an easy way of doing that.

anyway, I thought I'd share the link incase there are any iPhone users who would be interested.

Let me know if anyone else has seen anything similar or different but equally useful! ... ?ls=1&mt=8