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Making Improvements

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:47 am
by rufio89
I've been making some changes in my life and I thought I'd start a thread so other people can share the things they've been doing too :) (apologies if a thread like this already exists, I dont remember seeing one).

I have about a million lists of things I'd like to do 'one day' or places I'd like to see. I was looking at these over the past few weeks and thinking 'Why dont I just DO something about these?'

SO, I have:

1. Make a few pieces of jewellery to sell on Etsy/eBay. I've not listed them yet because I want to wait until I have a few things, but I will be sharing the link once I am done. I want to have at least 10 things before I list them, so far I have 6. I'm not holding out too much hope for this, but I thought it was worth a try.

2. I've signed up for a 10 week beginners Mandarin course at the University. It starts on Wednesday. I'm very nervous and excited about this.

3. I've signed up for motorbike lessons :)

Re: Making Improvements

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:20 pm
by highlandcow
I think this is a good idea Rufio. I try and do this every New Year. Instead of making concrete "resolutions", I try and set myself 10 or so goals to complete by the end of the year. Because of my hip surgery, my goals have been quite small this year.
Such as "buy a new fridge freezer". Seems naff, but my fridge was from 1988 and gobbling up the juice like you wouldn't believe. So I'm saving money by replacing it.

But one of mine is to go somewhere new and have an adventure. So I'm hoping to get that sorted, I'm just not sure what to do.
My problem is I've got no imagination sometimes. I live in one of the biggest and culturally diverse cities in the UK...and I have no idea what to do with it. :o

Motorbike lessons sound awesome! When do they start? I've seen them practice but it terrifies me how they are separate from the instructor!

Re: Making Improvements

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:30 pm
by rufio89
I've got a tonne more, but theyre mostly limited by finances! So I'm also trying to pay off my credit card, but I am really really terrible with money.

What sort of adventure? A long-term thing or just a few days/weeks? Maybe you should go on a holiday somewhere exciting!

I'm hoping to save some money and go to Peru :)

They dont start until the 19th May because I've signed up for a free hour lesson so I had to go on the waiting list, but I'm really excited about it. I've always been scared of motorbikes (still am!) but I thought it would be good for me to do it. :)

Re: Making Improvements

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:55 pm
by highlandcow
A holiday hopefully! I'd like to go island hopping around the Greek island, it's just getting the time off work and someone to go with!

rufio89 wrote:I'm hoping to save some money and go to Peru

My boyfriend is going to Peru in the summer (no amount of hints got me a ticket unfortunately :( ) I'll see if I can use some of his pictures (he's an excellent photographer) to send to you so you can see what it's like.

rufio89 wrote:I've always been scared of motorbikes (still am!) but I thought it would be good for me to do it. :)

It'll definitely be good to face the fear!

Re: Making Improvements

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:32 pm
by Bel Bel
I would like to

Do a tandem sky dive - can't do myself as I'd never get out of the plane and due to an illness can't land on my ankles myself. My sister and I may do this later in the year. You can do it for charity so the jump gets paid for.

Go to the Giraffe hotel - they are my favorite animals. Peaceful and graceful but if under attack can kill a lion by kicking it in the head.

Go on Safari - Will try to do in the next 5 years

I know these aren't actual improvements but goals I have that I believe are life enhancing just because of the experience. :D