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Am i old before my time???

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2003 9:45 pm
by saz
Ok people. I am only 23 and am seriously worried that i have become an OAP.

I don't like todays pop music or fashion. I don't understand So Solid Crew's lyrics at all. Or even why they are famous. Why are people wearing 80's clothes again? They were hideous enough at the time.

I would rather sit and watch TV than go out to a club or pub. One of my best friends is a 70 year old widow who lives 2 doors down.

I talk to my mother on the phone at least 3 times a day. I have to restrain myself from shouting at kids in the street who are kicking a ball/spitting/swearing etc. I find myself saying "when i was young...."

Please help me and tell me that everyone else is like this as well.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2003 11:49 pm
by misatok11
I am exactly the same in some respects.
Some of todays music is appaling i have no idea what is being said.
I get told off by my mates for staying in. I also have a laugh at home and always tidy up.
So yes sometimes i am like you sometimes, i wouldn't worry about it.
I am 23 as well. Maybe everyone is like this at this age. I dont know. :D

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 9:44 am
by saz
Good i am pleased that i am not the only one!

Any trendy, hip young'uns out there i would like to know why boys spit on the floor, why kids shout and swear at people they dont know in the street (seriously in essex it is bad) and honestly - why does anyone like So Solid or Blazing Squad? Their music is seriously bad and gives me a headache.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 11:14 am
by Angelic
I am like that also!! I'm not even 21 til next week so it's even worse!!!

I was having a conservation with a friend of mine who's 23 the other day about the 12year old girl who ran off with her 15year old boyfriend and we were saying "when we were young ...." the fact we aren't even old and we are talking like that is worrying!!

I hate walking down the street when there are kids shouting abuse at people or commenting about you. I also look about 16 so it doesnt help!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 11:15 am
by kitten
I am 22 and also feel old before my time! Thought it was cause I married young, but more and more of my friends 24-30 age group feel the same.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 5:11 pm
by sovs
Fraid i am the same to.
On the odd occasion i will to the pub in the evening, but i normally go in the day for lunch with my mum and baby.
I went to a nightclub recently with my friend and i got her to drop me home after 10 minutes because i hated it.
Dont get me wrong, i like pubs and cinema and eating out, i just dont like going when there are loads of drunk idiots about.
Spitting in the street makes me feel sick. It spreads grems and is disgusting.
I talk to my mum about three times a day too (which annoys my husband) and see her about 5 days a week out of the 7 days, you could say shes my best friend.
My ideal night, would be a night in with some good videos, a pizza and a glass of wine, snuggled on the sofa (i havent had a night like that in ages).

so i guess im a bit like you too Saz :wink:

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 6:47 pm
by smile
I'm 16 but I have got to agree with you about the music. There is a lot of rubbish going around, who CAN understand the so solid crew? :-s Hehe, I'm so cruel.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 8:26 pm
by sovs
I must admitt i have never heard of them, but lately a lot of music is rubbish.
I love 80s music best, there was some decent songs then :bounce:

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2003 11:34 am
by Lorelei
To be honest, I don't know those bands either, but I have got to agree with you about spitting in the streets and general rudeness.
I'm 23 too and I do go out quite a lot but I am horrified at the way it seems to be fashionable to be as coarse and unrefined as possible, for both genders.
I have no idea why people find that sort of behaviour 'cool' or remotely appealing.
I'm REALLY going to sound like an OAP by saying this but where, oh where, did ladies and gentlemen go!?xxx

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2003 8:00 pm
by lilo
On that note am I the only person who absolutely hates (and will never ever buy) those 'funky psychadelic' high heels that everyone seems to be wearing.

Is it just me who is really boring coz I reckon if I wore them I would look like an overgrown (in every sense of the word) Barbie doll!!!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2003 12:54 am
by sovs
I would never wear them, but then i think its more because i dont want to hurt my feet and stand at a impossible angle [-X

PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2003 6:24 pm
by Jo
I'm the same, give me a girly night in any day. I'm with you sovs! Cinema & meals out but you can keep your nightclubs.

I don't like it when people think your're boring cos you don't like going clubbing and stuff - I actually think clubbing is the most boring thing you could do! I used to like it but I suppose you just grow out of that kind of stuff.

I also agree about the spitting and shouting in the street and stuff. It can be really intimidating.

I've never seen the 'funky psychadelic' high heels though, who's wearing them? I want to see!

I think we must be the nicest people on the planet! Hey, we should start out own planet, LOL. Oh no, that's how dictators must start out - just ignore me :-?