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Ideal Jobs

Postby Enigma » Sat Dec 18, 2004 7:46 am

Here's a rehash of the original topic. Originally started by X_Smiler_X and some posts reproduced.
Stacker wrote:I'm almost doing my dream job now. I'm training to be a tv producer for a large tv company.

This time next year i will be a producer!!
It's going to be even harder to do than it is now as most days you have to be in from 4:30am at the moment I start at 8:30am (ish), so with 3 kids it's going to be intresting!!
molly wrote:I used to be a stewardess on first great western link trains and i did like it but it was the hardest job ever!

I've been to college and got a diploma in public services to become a police officer but just as i finished they introduced a new requirement that you have to have a driving licence. So now i'm looking for a job that i can do while i start driving and then i can apply when i get my licence.

Ladyhawke wrote:Wow Stacker that's really cool! I bet lots of people are jealous of you.
I seem to have a different dream job every year. This year it's a librarian but you have to have a Masters to actually be running the library.
Impatient...... wrote:I DJ part time at the moment I have done for the last 18 months. I would like to do it full time.
But I think I'm gonna wait untill Korbin (my son) is older as he is 6 months old so it wont be yet for a few years.

I never knew that you needed a masters to run a libarary.....I did my work experience in my local libarary when I was year 9 and it was rubbish I got so bored after the 1st day,I didn't bother to go back.
PS I've found Ladyhawke joined on 02 June 2004, and since I have her e-mail address I'll drop her an e-mail with an invitation back.

Edit: Credited author of original topic.
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Postby sparkly_star » Sat Dec 18, 2004 4:43 pm

My ideal job would be to be a novelist :D
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Postby X_Smiler_X » Sat Dec 18, 2004 4:54 pm

By the way Enigma, it was me that started that post of originally :D
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