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Call centre

PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 11:25 am
by pink stripes

This is a just a little moan, and I aplogise in advance if any one works in a call centre for a bus company.

I rang up one company, asking to know how much it would cost from one place to another(as I need the bus for college). I was then told to go and ring another company who would be able tell me what i needed to know. So I ring this company and I'm told to ring the company who just told me to ring this company! (confused :-? lol) So anyway I tel this guy that "I was told you could give me the information and that the palce your tellin me to ring are the company who just told me to ring u, so where precisely have I gone wrong?" He replied, "Well, believeing them i guess!!!!" I was like :evil: :evil: !!!! So, I simply bite my tounge and hung up before I totally went nuts at the guy.

Sorry if anyone does work in a bus telephone centre place but he really anoyed me! :evil: