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smiley face

PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2003 7:45 am
by HannahL
Hiya! i'm aware this sounds a tad something but pleeeease can someone make a little smiley face that doesn't show its teeth? like the little sad face three along at the top with the smile the other way round? sometimes you only want a little smile.... many thanks!!!!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2003 7:52 am
by HannahL
besides - the ones with teeth are scary if you're on our own in the dark...especially that one with a nervous twitch on his top lip - you know he's waiting to bite someone...

.... :lol: aaargh!!!! run....

(I've so been up too long... ) small smile? anyone?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2003 8:09 am
by Jo
Hi Hanna

This is very wierd because I've recently been thinking about getting some additional smilies! Hang around for a while and I'll get round to it eventually. Probably in the next two weeks or so.

Welcome to the site by the way!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2003 2:12 pm
by HannahL
Hiya Jo!!

Fantastic!! You just can't have too many smiley faces!! :)

Thank you!! (for the welcome)

leaving you with this face cause it's fab... :o


PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2003 1:01 am
by Jo
I have added some new smilies! And I'm on the hunt for more...

Hope you like them!



PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2003 1:20 pm
by HannahL
Fantastic!! :bounce:

PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2003 7:40 am
by MelodyLinn
Hiya, oh. i was just about to ask how to do the emoticans when i saw the "View more..." button. Wow! Stuck for choice now! :-k They r amazing! :robot: Thanks a bunch Jo!!!! \:D/ :bounce: :rainbow: