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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 8:40 pm
by Moose
I've noticed a few times recently that PPers have started topics that already exist. I know we've all been told a million times to check using the search function if we want to start up a new topic, but sometimes it can come up with pages and pages and some people haven't got the time or inclination to look through each topic. It always seems a shame for the person who started the topic to have their topic locked (especially if they're new) and it also must be time consuming for the mods to have to do the search themselves (esp if it's a topic you KNOW is there but you just can't find it using the search) and then post the link, lock the original topic... so I wondered if there could be a new button under "search options" to search message title only. You can already search by topic title and message text and message text only, but not by topic title. I think that this would mean fewer results that are more accurate, and people would be less likely to start topics that are already there. What do you think?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 8:42 pm
by all_apologies
Definitely agree, I hate the search function on here and on many forums that use the same format that we do. Searching title would be good, and also being able to search for exact phrases with quotation marks.