GSCE English Oral Speech

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GSCE English Oral Speech

Postby xbeanbabyx » Sat Jan 06, 2007 4:56 pm


My English oral exam is on the 5th or 6th of feb which involves talking to a group of about 5 people and a teacher.
Not only am I majorly shy, but I have M.E so this is torture!
I tried doing my German Oral mocks in December to my teacher and a tape recorder (twice) but both times failed and ended up being carried out on a chair because my legs stopped working :(
So this is going to be even worse !! Also if it doesn't go well the first time I have to do it infront of 2 teachers !! :(
The head of German wants me to drop German too because it's too tortorous for me. Sometimes in situations like this I go blind and fate or like last time can't move etc.
I'm quite good at the other aspects of this so I don't want this stupid oral to ruin my chances of doing well!!
I think I might of wrote something about this a while back somewhere, but it's got a whole lot worse since then. I can't even put my hand up in class never mind this !! Oh yeah and I hyperventalate!!
I think my mum is phoning on Monday to try and make things easier for me. But I feel she shouldn't and that I should just be grateful for letting me re-do it if I don't do it the first time.
Also we are starting to prepare for the speech and even thinking about it (like now) is making me really cold, teary and shaky!! If I can't even type about it without being nervous, how the hell am I suppose to do it!?!?
What should I do? Any tips for when I do do it?

Sorry for the long essay lol xoxox
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Postby crazy_in_love » Mon Jan 08, 2007 3:32 am

hey, first of all sorry to hear that this is causing you so much misery, i remember having to do my english oral exam. Just think of it like this, you have been in the class with these people for maybe the past 3-5 yeears so they know you and you know them. Also its not just you that has to do it, and not just you who might be feeling nervous, the whole class are in the same boat as you! I found that watching a few other people do it first helped. Now for the part about your legs not working when you get nervous, ask if you can be seated, they are there to listen not to look so it shouldnt matter whether you are sitting or not!!

It sounds as if you knwo your stuff but nerves at getting in the way, dnt quit german, teachers are too easy to lose faith, its her job to help you and shes telling you to quit! Dnt waste what you already no, you only do these GCSE's once! Jst think its only 5 minutes then you never have to do it again! I hope it helps, also try taking some kalms they are good, my mum swears by them and i have a 5 year old sister!!
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Postby malevolent_creation » Wed Mar 21, 2007 8:44 pm

i hate doing presentations also. i burn up and my voice trembles. but once it's over, i think 'wow, actually it wasn't that bad. i could do it again.'
i think that every single time, despire how much i hate it at the time.
i dont have much advice to offer, unfortunately, as i'm also terrorfied of them.

but i guess, practice does make perfect. try and make it your goal to become confident with them and treat ach one you have to do as one step further to confidence.

good luck, my friend. you'll be fine!
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