I want to be a writer

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I want to be a writer

Postby piper1692 » Thu Jan 11, 2007 8:51 pm

Writing is really all I'm good at. I'm awful at maths, struggle in science and get average grades in everything else, but its creative writing where I really stand out. I've always gotten good comments and grades in English since I was a little girl, and recently my English teachers have started saying things like 'I have a real talent for writing' or 'I'm a born writer'. I do write out good plans for stories, but mostly my characters possess characteristics that I don't have. IE: confidence and a talent for maths.

I really want to be a writer more than anything else, but I can't seem to keep a story going until the very end at the same good standards. I read Virginia Andrews, J.K Rowling and Louise Bagshawe and I just know that my work isn't up to the standards for publishing.

Any advice?
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Postby Brighter » Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:44 pm

Two years ago I began to write a story, and what inspired me was a fall out with a friend and how much it had got to me. I retold the story sort of, adding new events - (we were mutants in the story :oops: ) and changing the characters names.
It took me ages, and I eventually managed to finish it.
I started it in the summer holidays 2005 and I finished it around about September/October time 2005. At the time, I thought it was amazing!! And I was really considering getting it published, because some of my friends said it was really good too.

But then I re-read it a while later, and it's really not that great, and I'm so glad I didn't publish it because it would have been so embarrassing for me, and the friends I was talking about in the story, and I really wish I'd put more time thought and effort into the whole thing other than rushing it all, because I was so excited I might write a whole book!

My advice is to keep attempting these stories, and as soon as you get new and fresh ideas into your head you have to write them down, and work from there. The more you practice the more you're going to get towards writing a perfect and brilliant story.
I've been 'attempting' to write stories for years, and when I finally had some good ideas in my head, I rushed them all onto the page, and i didn't fit in the write stuff that would make other people enjoy it.

I find, that if I show people a story I've just started, say the beginning couple of pages or paragraphs. I tend not to finish the story! Save it until you feel you are finished and then show the whole world!

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Postby Domus Clamantium » Thu Feb 01, 2007 9:25 pm

When I was at school, I remember my English teacher saying that if you want to write a book, then the story is the LAST thing you think of - the first thing to do is to create your main character, and once you have them, you can then work around them until you have everything (characters, settings, incidents, etc) - only then should you start to write your story

I've never really shown much interest in writing, so I've no idea whether that works, but it does make sense...
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Postby peecee » Thu Feb 01, 2007 11:59 pm

Pipes, this is very close to my heart, and you're getting the same comments I used to get at school! :D

Now, I have friends who are really brainy gits with fantastic story-telling abilities, who have put in the outline of a book to publishers, and have been rejected. I wouldn't have the courage to try it myself, but I wonder -what about submitting a short story to a magazine or something similar? That's how many popular authors start their career, and I'm sure that any rejections - and there WILL be some - wouldn't hurt as much as if you'd spent years on the NEXT MASSIVE best-seller - you'd just send your short story on to the next magazine, until someone tells you how brilliant it is. :roll:

If you've got any sort of gift, you MUST make the most of it, even if it takes more courage than you think you've got. You will be surprised at what you can find in you.

Now get on with it! :P

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