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Really need some advice

Postby hanwap » Thu May 24, 2007 9:29 am

Hi, I'm 30 this year and I feel like I'm totally trapped in my life. In my 20s I travelled, saw the world and got up to all sorts! I've been back in the UK for nearly five years and feel like I've acheived nothing in that time. My job is boring with no career prospects, due to the fact that I spent so much time travelling and moving around I haven't really started a career here and feel I have no real skills or qualificaations. I'm basically an admin assistant and I hate admin!! In my job I literally work on my own in the office, there are two of us and my boss is always out so I have no contact with anyone at work and it gets so lonely. I don't have a boyfriend and my flatmate is always away with work. My friends are all having babies and are so into their relationships to spend as much time with me as I'd like and I thought about jacking it all in and going back to uni to study, this would mean moving back with my folks. I saw them last night and on the way home I cried as the tension in their marriage is awful and they both seem depressed with various things in their lives. I'm always the shoulder to cry on with the family so if I go home to live I don't want to have to deal with it all again. I just feel so down and fed up and like I'm going absolutely nowhere. I feel I need some excitement and sometimes just want to go abroad again but then I feel like I will be running away which I guess I will be. Trust me I've tried making new friends, always getting out and about when I can but my day to day life is really really getting to me. I got over depression last year and I really dont' want to go there again but I feel I might if this continues. Any advice/words of wisdom would be great x
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Postby Lolly - Pop » Thu May 24, 2007 10:20 am

Have you thought about taking a night class either in something that you enjoy or something which will help you change career? If you go to one then you get to meet new people and also do something actively to change improve your life. I am in almost the same boat as you, I am 26 and also stuck in an admin job that I don't enjoy. I have thought about traveling but have a mortgage so to many commitments to leave!!! I have been looking at night classes myself and started helping out at a youth group, it gets me out the house and meeting new people.
I am the only person in my office as well, and I understand that it gets lonely, to keep myself entertained. I turn up the music and sing (nobody around to hear me :oops: ) also I am on the internet when ever I can be can you get your friends to be on msm more to chat. You can always PM me if you feel bored and want a random chat :D
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