what options do i have left?

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what options do i have left?

Postby xfayelouisex » Wed Jun 06, 2007 4:16 pm

i've been unemployed for 8 months now, and this is my situation, i have no income of my own, i live with my nan and my boyfriend, me and my boyfriend live of his wages which is only around £200 a week at first it was all okay we just about got by, now however, between us we have catalouge bills, phone bills, two loans, and cable bills all behind and we struggling so hard, and my boyfriend refuses to see the situation for what it is, he says everything is fine when its not, since i became unemployed i have applied for countless jobs had countless interviews but failed everytime, i have joined up with two agencys one i have been with a month and i have had no work from them, and the second one there supposed to be emailing me some tests over so they can asess my computer skills, a week three phone calls and a email later i still haven't recieved them, there using the excuse that my email address keeps declining the message i gave them a brand new one, still no joy, i cant get either jsa becauseofmy partner and because i haven't enough NSI contributations, we where getting £53.77 working tax credits now they have putit down to £19.53, the situation is elevated so much its gone beyond my control, none of my family are willing to help me, and my boyfriends family help as and when they can although they have there own financial worrys, im so down about it i have started putting on weight crying all the time, and have bad mood swings, i jst don't see any options left for me, i keep applying for jobs but nothing ever comes along and when it does i get shot down, my confidence was never very high now its below rock bottom, everythingis such a big mess and i don't see a way out.
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Postby brfc » Wed Jun 06, 2007 7:27 pm

you both need too go too the citizens advice bureax with all your incomings and outgoings and theyll help you sort out a afordable way too pay your things and have enough money to get by. if you have cable tv why not get rid and get freeview. thatll be cheaper. phone bill wise go on pay as you go.
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Postby Moose » Thu Jun 07, 2007 11:51 am

Hey fayelouise. I know you're not receiving JSA at the moment, but are you still going down to the Job Centre to sign? After 8 months, they should really be offering you some help with regard to schemes, Job Clubs, placements etc.

You're obviously very keen to get back to work, and getting lots of interviews, but falling down there. I've mentioned to you before about improving your interview technique - when we've written about this before and I sent you those questions, your answers were really good, so it really must be your technique or how you come across. You've said your nerves are a big problem to you - this is where the Job Centre need to be offering you some sort of help, like free advice sessions with Next Step, where they can help you face to face with your technique. You need to go down and actually ask for this if you're not being offered it. Quote the words "Next Step" and ask for your nearest centre. See who is running the scheme near you (someone will be).

I know you're mainly after retail work, like clothes retail, but to fill the gap, have you considered supermarket retail? There are usually at least some vacancies in Tesco or Sainsbury's that you can apply for, and you can always look for another job while you're working. It will also keep your hand in with retail, and get you money in the meantime. If necessary, take on a night shift (more money, normally, and you'll still have your days to go for interviews at other shops).

Above all though, please don't give up.
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