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Stress eater!!

Postby Lynzo » Mon May 19, 2008 9:56 pm

Hi all.

I'm 20 & currently in uni doin exams. I think i have a stress induced eating disorder!! I'm only very slightly over weight (by that i mean literally 1 BMI point over weight) and generally i am an active person but since my exams started i haven't been able to put the food down!

I'll give you an example:
today i got out of bed at 10:30 (no exam td so some down time was in order). I had a huge bowl of Wheetos (2ice the size i would generally eat).

30 minutes later i followed that with a slice of thick brown bread covered in butter.

For lunch (around 2pm) i made my boyfriend & myself toasted sandwiches accompanied by lashings of coleslaw & a packet of crisps each. My boyfriend ate less than half of his crisps so i put them away for later.

Dinner time rolled (5:30) around & i had a salad with 3 or 4 pieces of roast pork...

followed by strawberries & cream...

followed by a cup of tea.

7 pm i finished my boyfriends crisps from earlier in the day.

8 pm i had a snickers & a packet of chewy sweets.

8:30 i had 2 squares of an emergency bar i keep in my room during exams and my period. (thankfully they haven't both come at once or you'd never fit me out the door).

9 pm i had a craving for something savoury so i took out the left over pork from dinner & had another piece.

Stil not satisified i had a packet of popcorn.

Stil not satisfied i had a calypo!

& guess what... I'm stil hungry.

I'm genuinely embarassed to tell people what i've eaten in a day but when i try to bring up the problem i'm told its normal around exam time. I really don't think it is though. I know as soon as the exams are over i'll be back to normal but it can't be good for my health right?

Please shed some light!!
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Postby Raven » Tue May 20, 2008 3:24 am

Hiya, to be honest, this doesn't sound all that much! I have eaten way more than that in a day (with no excuse of exam stress - probably more boredom tbh). I guess the only thing you can do is willpower and replace the not so good foods with healthier ones, or if you can't do that, go out for a run everyday!

Sorry, not much help I know as it's stating the obvious! I wouldn't worry too much though, it is a time of huge stress and as long as you can nip it in the bud after you will be ok. My friend is going on a diet AFTER exams because she knows she wont get thru it without all the junk lol.

good luck xx
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Postby snail » Tue May 20, 2008 10:03 am

I agree with Raven - reading your post it doesn't sound like you're really eating huge amounts, just a little more than would be usual. Her advice about choosing healthier foods is good, I think - if you need to be constantly putting something in your mouth, you may find it doesn't much matter what it is! Could you get some bags of dried fruit and unroasted nuts, and dip into these, or cut up different fresh fruits to make a salad, and keep a big bowl in the fridge? You can imagine the sort of thing.

And the other advice, about going for a run is spot on - this will not only help with your health and weight but also make you less stressed and more calm overall, so less likely to need to overeat.
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Postby Bel Bel » Tue May 20, 2008 10:07 am

have you started taking any edication recently as that come suometimes affect your appetite
If not it may just be your way of coping with stress
If your eating mor ethan usual do a bit of excercise to burn off the extra calories you've eaten
If it doesn't go away go and see the doctor
Incidentally if you get an itchy bottom you may have thread worms. They give you a ravenous appetite as they eat all your food so you constantly feel hungry. they will look like tiny threads of white cotton in your no2's.
The chemist can give you something to get rid of them. This is really common with younger kids but at uni if you use the communal toilets it's an easy way to pick them up. Personally I never sit on any toilet seats but my own.
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