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PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 2:04 pm
by Bubble
Well done hun.
Im gonna get my car on 18th august when im come back from my hol, which im going on this friday.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 12:41 pm
by smile
Congrats you two! Well done to both of you. I can't wait for my test. Got another 2 to 3 years to go though. :roll: So how does it feel to be able to drive anywhere in the UK now? I'm really pleased for you both. :D

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 9:33 pm
by Bubble
Feels great. I drove my mates car around the car park at work tonight, felt so good. I want a car. x

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 10:01 am
by Cat Queen
It Took me from I was 18 til I reached 21 to pass. I was always very nervous in the car,But I managed to get through my personal fears and take a driving test. God, I failed!!! ON Hesitation!!!TOO CAUTIOUS!!! :o Who ever thought being careful could fail ya? After that I took a break from my lessons. Got another test. Failed for NOT be cautious enough. The examiner had to emergency brake, I was gona just go at a packed roundabout!!!! :oops: Took an even longer break. Got Third test, thought I was doomed to failure! BUT NO!!! I passed third time. Cause I thought aww just another driving lesson!!! Amazing how things turn out!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 10:07 am
by Cat Queen
Forgot to say.... Congrats you too!!!! Drive safely... :lol: :P :D

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 11:15 am
by Bubble
Thank hun, at least you passed in the end